Human Services Celebrates Foster Care Month

The V.I. Department of Human Services (DHS) is celebrating Foster Care Month this May.  “We are extremely diligent in our efforts to promote the welfare of children in foster care in the Virgin Islands.  We understand the changes in the dynamics of the family structure and how it impacts the growth and development of children,” said Commissioner Designee Felecia Blyden.

Foster Care reflects many features in the fabric of society and includes children who are abused and neglected.  It has existed throughout cultures and across generations where attempts to guide and protect children are center to plans for the future.  DHS has also embraced the concept of the village raising a child.

“We contemplate all aspects of normal development for children in foster care.  We are especially focused on foster parents and encourage interested adults to participate in the program,” she said.

The Department of Human Services invites all individuals interested in foster care to visit the Division of Children and Families in Anna’s Hope (St. Croix) or call 773-5303; or visit the Knud Hansen Complex (St. Thomas) or call 774-0930.   

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