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The Source welcomes press releases, features of local interest, obituaries, calendar items and even news stories from the community. We also welcome all questions about advertising, content, or functionality of the sites.

Please send submissions or questions using the form below. We also ask local organizations, groups and government officials and agencies to issue all press releases using this form. If you need to send photos or other attachments you may do that by email to visource@gmail.com.

Please do not send releases as pdf files. They will be rejected. The first and best way to assure our attention is using this form by copying and pasting your information.The other way is to send a word document or email embedded message to visource@gmail.com.

All other submissions are not acceptable. Faxes, PDF files, posters, graphic invitations, etc. will not be considered and we will not reply to them. It is our greatest wish to be of service to the community. In return we ask you to comply with our guidelines for submissions so that your important messages get out to our hundreds of thousands readers.

We also ask that if you are paying other media for publishing your information, that you include the Source in your advertising budget – we are the very Best Media Value in the Virgin Islands. Click here for ad rate information.