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Monday, December 10, 2018
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Kaiamesha Lor’Tencia Deidra Thomas Dies at 27

Kaiamesha Lor’Tencia Deidra Thomas, also known as "Kai” or “Mesha," of John F. Kennedy Terrace died on Nov. 25.

Reginald T. O’Donoghue Sr. Dies

Reginald T. O’Donoghue Sr. has died on Dec. 2. He was born on Antigua in 1934.

Chrystalia R. Edney Parris Dies at 84

Chrystalia R. Edney Parris, also known as “Stalie,” of Estate Whim died on Nov. 22.

Hilroy R. Richards Dies

Hilroy R. Richards died on Dec. 2.

Helena Cadette Dies

Helena Cadette died on Nov. 27.

Raymond Alexander Richards Jr. Dies

Raymond Alexander Richards Jr. died on Oct. 30.

Cordelia A. Maynard Dies at 73

Cordie was preceded in death by her beloved sister, Consuela A. Maynard. They were fondly known as the “Twins.”

Consuela A. Maynard Dies at 81

Consuela A. Maynard, also known as “Consie,” age 81, of New Castle Coakley died on Nov. 5.

Trevor Buntley Walwyn Dies

It is with our deepest sorrow that we inform you of the passing of our beloved husband and father, Trevor Buntley Walwyn, of Estate Work & Rest on Nov. 15.

Gleston E. McIntosh Sr. Dies at 71

Gleston E. McIntosh Sr., also known as “Dagone,” of Estate Grove Place died on Monday, Nov. 12.





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