Chiapperino Wins Again at Junie’s Bar/South Shore Cycling Race

Sunday morning’s Junie’s Bar/South Shore race served up a lot of excitement, having two of the VI Cycling Federation’s (VICF) most powerful Elite riders going wheel to wheel once again. Nine Elite cyclists, including the season points leader Morgan Theophane, assembled at the starting line at Junie’s Bar. The race got off to a cool start, but it didn’t take long for things to get hot; a test to see who’s got what came just two miles into the Elite’s race. Up the south shore and around the east end loop twice didn’t intimidate Stephen Swanton or Quintin Chiapperino.

At the completion of the first lap around the east end loop, Chiapperino had already separated himself with a 3-minute lead from his closest chaser, Swanton. The other seven elite riders decided on not being too aggressive and put out just enough to compete for the next finishing spot of the top three. Chiapperino won the race with a time of 1:47:57, Swanton took second honors by shaving four minutes from his time last year in 1:53:01. A group of four sprinted for the third podium spot, but it was David Morales edging out Morgan Theophane with a time of 2:00:23 for third place. Sue Brown and Robin Seila were runners up.

As with the Elites, there was a lot of excitement in the Expert category. After much cat-and-mouse chasing and trying to out-think each other through most of the race, a sprint had to settle the score. Deve Barbour, in his first race of the season, Jerry Remie, who had something to prove, Miguel Cruz, who is always willing to teach a lesson and Norbert Prospere, being back after a three-week layoff, all stretched out on the final 50m in an exciting sprint to the finish. Remie took the top spot with a time of 1:23:42 over 26 miles; Miguel ‘Magic’ Cruz was second and Prosper was third.

In the Sport category, James Meyers took the top spot by finishing the 21-mile race in a time of 1:06:34. Yves Abraham was second with a time of 1:07:59; Paul Gumbs rounded out the last podium place with a time of 1:08:31.  Hubert Bartlett was the Masters winner, riding the 17-mile course in 50:12; Chris Dorsey was second with 51:13; Fred Rollins was third. Angela Cherkis at 1:03:44 finished ahead of Judy Gario, who had a time of 1:07:14 over 17 miles.

The next scheduled race is the Gladfelter Classic scheduled for 7 a.m., Sunday, April 30, on the North Shore Road. 

For more information, call 513-2707.

Virgin Islands Cycling Federation Results: Junie’s/South Shore Road Race (April 23, 2017)

Elite 39 miles     

  1. Quintin Chiapperino 1:47:57
  2. Stephen Swanton 1:53:01                                       
  3. David Morales 2:00:23      
  4. Morgan Theophane 2:00:23
  5. Sue Brown 2:00:24
  6. Robin Seila 2:00:24
  7.  Troy Holloway   DNF
  8. John Harper        DNF
  9. Joey Swanson     DNF

Expert 26 miles

  1. Jerry Remie 1:23:42
  2. Miguel Cruz 1:23:43
  3. Norbert Prospere 1:23:43
  4. Deve Barbour 1:23:44
  5. Nash Ramsdell 1:29:47
  6. Laverne Fredericksen 1:34:15
  7. Mark Kennedy 1:37:23

Sport 21 miles                                  

  1. James Meyers 1:06:34     
  2. Yves Abraham 1:07:59
  3. Paul Gumbs 1:08:31            
  4. Alvin Thomas 1:10:32                 
  5. Hubert Abraham 1:10:33
  6. Kevin Moran 1:15:10

Masters 17 miles   

  1. Hubert Bartlett 0:50:12
  2. Chris Dorsey 0:51:13
  3. Fred Rollins 1:16:45

Women 17 miles

  1. Angela Cherkis 1:03:44
  2. Judy Gario 1:07:14
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