Division of Personnel Announces Candidates Vying for Seats on GESC Health Insurance Board

The names of the employee and retiree candidates vying for a seat in their respective districts on the Government Employees Service Commission (GESC) Health Insurance Board, according to a press release issued Tuesday by the Division of Personnel.

St. Thomas Employee Representative

Dr. Gilbert K. Comissiong Jr. (SRMC) (incumbent)

Cosme Christian (DOP)

Andre T. Dorsey (Fire)

Jessica Laplace (UVI)

St. Thomas Retirees Representative: Lori Anderson (incumbent) (unopposed)

St. Croix Employee Representative

Beverly Joseph (DHS) incumbent (unopposed)

St. Croix Retirees Representative: Adelbert M. Bryan (incumbent)

John Abramson Jr.

One employee and retiree from the district of St. Thomas-St. John and one employee and retiree from the district of St. Croix will be selected to serve on the GESC/Health Insurance Board. The four members will be democratically chosen by other government employees and retirees. The elections will begin on Wednesday, April 19, 2017 and conclude on Thursday, April 20, at noon.

To facilitate the members of the Government Virgin Islands (GVI) Health Insurance plan in getting to know the candidates, a forum will be held from 5:30-7 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11, via videoconference at the Division of Personnel offices in both districts. (More details about the voting process will be provided in a subsequent press release and media campaign.)

Personnel Director Milton E. Potter said, “This is an opportunity for all active government employees and retirees covered by the Group Health Insurance Program to actively participate in the elections of persons to represent their interest on the GESC/Health Insurance Board.

Everyone is invited to visit the Division of Personnel’s Web site at www.dopusvi.org to view the profiles of the candidates and participate in all aspects of this very important process.”

For additional information, contact Maureen Venzen, chief of Group Health Insurance at the Division of Personnel at 774-8588, ext. 5132.

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