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Major USVI Boards and Commissions

Who makes decisions affecting the West Indian Co. Ltd? A nine-member board of directors appointed by the Public Finance Authority.
What about the Port Authority, Economic Development Authority and other boards?
There are well over 120 boards and commissions established in V.I. law, many of which are defunct, lacking in quorums and/or of little relevance to most Virgin Islanders. Here is a list of 31 of the most important boards that many residents and business people interact with.
V.I. Council on the Arts:
3 VIC 405
Members: 9
Vacancies: 2
This body oversees and redistributes federal National Endowment for the Arts grants locally.
“The council shall consist of nine members, broadly representative of all fields of the performing and fine arts to be appointed by the governor, with the advice and consent of the Legislature, from among private citizens who are widely known for their professional competence and experience in connection with the performing and fine arts. In making such appointments, due consideration shall be given to the recommendations made by representative civic, educational and professional associations and groups concerned with or engaged in the production or presentation of the performing and fine arts generally.” Government employees serve without compensation. The others receive a $30 per diem.
Chair: Jose Raul Carrillo. Term expired in 2006.
Vice: Chair Claire Roker. Term expired in 2006.
Treasurer: Karen Thurland. Term expired in 2006.
Acting Secretary: Vernon Finch. Term expired in 2006.
Glenn “Kwabena” Davis. Term expired 2006.
Reuben Vessup. Term expired in 2006.
Vernon Araujo. Term expires June 18, 2017
Banking Board of the Virgin Islands
3 VIC 42, 9 VIC 63a
Members: 6
All seats are filled as of July 2016
This board receives and publishes reports from V.I. banks. It does not have statutory authority or regulatory power over banks.
The lieutenant governor chairs and the finance commissioner serve ex officio on this six-member board. The governor nominates and the Legislature confirms the other four members, who serve two-year terms and continue to serve until replaced.
Current members are:
Lt. Gov. Osbert E. Potter
Finance Commissioner Valdemier Collens
Richard Grant: 02/16-02/18
Rosalie Javois: 02/16-02/18
Laurel Hewitt-Sewer: 02/16-02/18
Stephen Anthony Reames: 06/16-06/18
St. Thomas:
No. 5049 Kongens Gade
Charlotte Amalie
St. Thomas, VI 00802
Telephone: (340) 774-7166
Fax: (340) 774-9458
St. Croix:
1131 King Street, Suite 101
St. Croix, VI 00820
Telephone: (340) 773-6459
Fax: (340) 719-3801
Board of Career and Technical Education:
3 VIC 99
Members: 9 (One from St. John and four each for St. Croix and St. Thomas)
Members serve two-year terms and serve until replaced. All terms are expired.
Vacancies: 4 – two per district
This volunteer, part time board was created by statute in 1957 and established as “the sole agency for the administration of the career and technical programs in the Virgin Islands,” in relation to some federal laws.
Chair: Ilene Garner, St. Croix
Treasurer: Ronald Jones, St. John
Secretary: Adlyn Williams, St. Thomas
Eddie Williams St. Croix
Nancy Callwood St. Croix
Casino And Resort Control Commission
32 VIC 404
Members: 3
One of, if not the only paid, professional commissions, the Casino Control Commission oversees, licenses and regulates casino gambling in the territory – currently just at Divi Carina Bay Casino and Resort.
Chair: Violet Anne Golden, St. Croix. Appointed in 2014. Term expires in 2019.
Roderick Moorehead, St. Croix. Appointed in 2011. Term expired June 2016.
Henry Richardson, St. Thomas. Appointed in 2011. Term expired June 2016.
5, Christiansted, St Croix 00820, U.S. Virgin Islands
Phone: (340)-773-3616
Coastal Zone Management Commission
12 VIC 904
Members: 15- with three committees with five members each for St. Thomas, St. John and St. Croix.
Members are nominated by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature.
All terms have expired. Members serve until replaced.
This voluntary commission within the Department of Planning and Natural Resources oversees coastal environmental regulation generally and votes on permits to build in the coastal zones of the territory.
St. Thomas Committee – A. Winston Adams (also the Chair of the CZM Commission); Sarah “Peggy” Simmonds; Karl R. Percell; Austin “Babe” Monsanto (St. Thomas Committee Chair)
St. John Committee – Andrew Penn, Sr. (St. JohnCommittee Chair); Edmund E. Roberts; and J. Brion Morrisette
St. Croix Committee – Masserae Webster (St. Croix Committee Chair); Charles D. Peters; and Paul G. Simmonds
The St. Johnand St. Croix committees have two vacant seats.
St. Thomas Office:
Department of Planning and Natural Resources
Cyril E. King Airport
Terminal Building, 2nd Fl.
St. Thomas, VI 00802
Phone: (340) 774-3320
St. Croix Office:
Department of Planning and Natural Resources
45 Estate Mars Hill
Frederiksted, VI 00840
Phone: (340) 773-1082
V.I. Economic Development Authority Board
 29 VIC 1102
Members: 7
Vacancies: 1
The Board of Directors of the Authority administer the business of its subsidiary entities, the Economic Development Commission (EDC), Government Development Bank (GDB), Small Business Development Agency (SBDA), Industrial Development Park Corporation (IDPC) and the Enterprise Zone Commission (EZ). Each subsidiary These subsidiary boards consist of the same members as the EDA, acting separately on matters in their jurisdiction..
Through its subsidiary commissions, EDA board members vote to approve tax breaks in exchange for membership fees and a minimal level of local hiring, among other duties. It has a complex set of criteria for selecting membership, with three members to be selected from the governor’s cabinet; a fourth from one of several semi-autonomous agencies. It also requires three volunteers who are not government employees: one from each of the three major islands in the territory. Non-governmental members are appointed for terms of three years, who serve until replaced.
Members are also required to have an educational background or experience in finance, law, accounting or other business fields.
Chair: Jose Penn
Acting Secretary Avery L. Lewis
Acting Vice Chair Philip Payne
Juan Figueroa, Sr.
Haldane Davies
Simon B. Jones-Hendrickson
Labor Commissioner Catherine Hendry
St. Thomas
8000 Nisky Shopping Center
Suite 620
St. Thomas, VI 00802
(340) 714-1700
P.O. Box 305038
St. Thomas, VI 00802
St. Croix
116 King Street
Frederiksted, VI 00840
(340) 773-6499
Board of Education
3 VIC 97
Members: 9
This volunteer, nine-member board is elected, with four members per district and one at large. Separate from the Department of Education, which operates the public schools and is the government’s largest agency, the Board of Education is very small and has few resources. It recommends policies to the Education Department and the Legislature. The volunteers certify public school teachers and approve teacher testing mechanisms, among other duties.
Chairman/President Mary L. Moorhead, St. Croix
Vice-Chairman/Vice-President Judy M. Gomez, St. Thomas/St. John
Secretary LaVerne M. Slack, St. Thomas/St. John
St. Croix Members
Winona A. Hendricks,  email: wahendricks@myviboe.com
Terrence T. Joseph, email: tjoseph@myviboe.com
Martial Webster,  email: mwebster@myviboe.com
Mary L. Moorhead, chair,  email: mmoorhead@myviboe.com
St. Thomas/St. John Members
Judy M. Gomez, vice chair, email: jmgomez@myviboe.com
Arah Lockhart, email: aclockhart@myviboe.com
Nandi Sékou, email: nsekou@myviboe.com
LaVerne M. Slack, secretary, lmslack@myviboe.com
At-Large member
St. Croix Office Sunny Isles Professional Building Suites #5 & #6 Christiansted, St. Croix USVI 00820 Telephone No. 340-772-4144 Fax No. 340-772-2895 St. Thomas Office P.O Box 11900 Dronningens Gade Nos. 60B, 61 & 62 St. Thomas, USVI 00801 Telephone No. 340-774-4546
Elections Boards
18 VIC 41
Members: 14
Each district has an elected board of elections with seven members. The board oversees election preparation, approves ballots, counts votes and sets policy for the election system.
Voters elect members of their district Board of Elections, and the two district boards combine to form the Joint Boards of Elections. Here are the members with the year their terms expire.
St. Thomas|St. John District
Arturo Watlington, Jr., Chairman, 2016
Lydia Hendricks, Vice Chairwoman 2016
Carla Joseph, Secretary, 2018
Lawrence “Larry” Boschulte, 2016
Alecia M. Wells 2016
Diane J. Magras-Urena 2018
Ivy K. Moses, 2018
St. Croix District
Lilliana Belardo de O’Neal, Chairwoman, 2016
Barbara Jackson McIntosh, Vice Chairwoman, 2016
Glenn Webster, Secretary, 2016
Adelbert “Bert” M. Bryan, 2018
Lisa Harris-Moorhead, 2016
Raymond J. Williams, 2018
Roland Moolenaar, 2016
Joint Board Members
Arturo Watlington, Jr., Esq. – Chair (DEM)
Adelbert “Bert” M. Bryan-Vice-Chair (IND)
Glenn Webster- Secretary (REP)
Barbara Jackson McIntosh -(DEM)
Lilliana Belardo de O’Neal-(REP)
Raymond J. Williams-(DEM)
Roland Moolenaar-(IND)
Lisa Harris-Moorhead-(IND)
Alecia Wells-(IND)
Carla J. Joseph-(DEM)
Ivy K. Moses-(DEM)
Diane J. Magras-Urena-(IND)
Lawrence “Larry” Boschulte-(REP)
Lydia Hendricks (IND)
St. Croix Board of Elections Tel: (340) 773-1021
St. Thomas Board of Elections Tel: (340) 774-3107
Government Employee Retirement System Governing Board
3 VIC 702, 715
Members: 8
Vacancies: 2
Terms: 5 years. No member may serve more than two terms.
This volunteer board as oversight over major decisions made by GERS. The Board of Trustees shall be composed of seven members who shall be appointed by the Governor with the advice and consent of the Legislature and the Director of Personnel as an ex-officio non-voting member. Two members shall be appointed from a group of at least six persons who are members of the Central Labor Council, active members of the Government Employees Retirement System, and who have been recommended by the Executive Committee of the Central Labor Council. One such appointee shall be a resident of the District of St. Croix and one such appointee shall be a resident of the District of St. Thomas-St. John. Of the remaining five members, two shall be a retiree of the Government Employees Retirement System, elected through a process to be determined and conducted by the system.
Chair Wilbur Callender
Vice Chair Edgar Ross
Carol Callwood
Desmond Maynard, Esq
Vincent Liger
Leona E. Smith
Michael McDonald
Government Employees’ Retirement System of the Virgin Islands
3438 Kronprindsens Gade| GERS Complex
Tel: (340) 776-7703
Government Employees Service Commission
3 VIC 6, 631
Members: 7
Vacancies: 3
This amateur, volunteer board approves and helps negotiate the V.I. government employees health insurance contract with multi-billion dollar multi-national insurance companies. Two members are  government employees elected by their colleagues. The other five are appointed by the governor, according to a geographical quota systam, and confirmed by the Legislature. Terms are two years. The
Employee Representative – St. Thomas/St. John Dr. Gilbert K. Comissiong, Jr, 2015-2017
Employee Representative – St. Croix Beverly Joseph 2015-2017
Retiree Representative – St. Thomas/St. John Lori Anderson 2015-2017
Retiree Representative – St. Croix Adelbert M. Bryan, 2015-2017
Clemmie Moses- expired
Yolanda Deterville – expired
Historic Preservation Commission
3 VIC 403
Members: 13
All members require Senate confirmation and serve two years, although members continue serving until their successors are sworn in.
The law requires that at least one member live on St. John and at least one live in Frederiksted.
The members, their islands and terms are:
Oversees the unfunded Frederiksted and Christiansted Reconstruction and Rehabilitation Revolving Fund and makes renewal plans for the territory’s historic areas.  The Planning and Natural Resources Commissioner, currently Jean-Pierre Oriol, serves ex-officio as secretary and the rest of the members are divided between both districts, where they also sit as district historic preservation commissions Both districts must have “at least five” members and it must include one St. John and one Frederiksted resident. It currently has no Frederiksted member.
St. Croix Members:
David Hayes, 2013-2015 (expired)
Rupert Pelle
Michael Knight, 2014-2016
Gerville Larsen
Colette Woodson-Burgess, 2016
(Two seats are vacant)
St. Thomas/St. John Members:
David W.Knight, 2013-2015
Leo Francis
Ronald Lockhart
Felipe Ayala
Robert Moron
Louis Petersen
Pash Daswani, 2014-2016
St. John Member:
Diane Mawson
St.Thomas/ St. John Horse Racing Commission
32 VIC 201
Members: 9
This and the St. Croix Horse Racing Commission regulate and resolve disputes within horse racing in their respective districts.
The Sports, Parks and Recreation Commissioner, currently Pedro Cruz, sits on the commission in an ex-officio capacity. Members are nominated by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature. Members serve four year terms.
Wystan Benjamin is the long-time chair. All terms are expired, The commission has had no public statement or appearance before the Legislature in several years.
St. Croix Horse Racing Commission
31 VIC 201
Members: 9
The Sports, Parks and Recreation Commissioner, currently Pedro Cruz, sits on the commission in an ex-officio capacity.
Wayne Biggs is the long-time chair. All terms are long-expired. For several years, the body has not issued any public statement or appeared before the Legislature when horse racing matters are discussed.
Hospital And Health Facilities Corporation Board Of Directors (Territorial Board)
19 VIC 243
Members: 15
Vacancies: 3
This board has members of the boards of directors for the St. Croix and St. Thomas hospitals and sets overall policies for both hospitals.
There are two nine member boards, one that serves the St. Thomas-St. John district and one for St. Croix. The individual boards have direct oversight over their respective hospitals. Each district board has a nurse and a physician representative chosen by hospital staff. The other seven members are nominated by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature.
Members serve for three years but may continue to serve until a successor is qualified.
Management and Budget Director Nellon Bowry and Finance Commissioner Valdamier Collens serve in an ex-officio capacity.
The remaining twelve members are members of the two district hospital boards, of whom two from each district must be doctors.
St. Thomas members:
Chair: Cornel Williams
Vice Chair: Maria Tankenson-Hodge (expired)
Greta Hart-Hyndman (nurse representative)
Judith Richardson
Dr. Margaret Sprauve (physician representative)
St. Croix members:
Joyce Heyliger (Nurse representative)
Dr. Anthony Ricketts (Doctor representative)
Philip Arcidi
Troy deChabert Schuster
Kim Jones
Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital Governing Board
19 VIC 243
Members: 9
Vacancies: 4, including both nurse representative and physician representative
Members serve three year terms and can serve until replaced.
Board of Directors
Philip Arcidi (2014-2017)
Troy deChabert Schuster.(2014-2017)
Troy deChabert-Schuster (2014-2017)
Vera Falu (2015-2018)
Philip Arcidi (2014-2017)
Aracelis Bermudez-Walcott (2015-2018)
Theresa Frorup-Alie (2015-2018)
Schneider Regional Medical Center Governing Board
19 VIC 243
Members: 9
Vacancies: 4
Chair: Cornel Williams
Vice Chair: Maria Tankenson-Hodge (expired)
Greta Hart-Hyndman (nurse representative)
Judith Richardson
Dr. Margaret Sprauve (physician representative)
Board of Land Use Appeals
3 VIC 125, 29 VIC 236
This board hears appeals of land use permit decisions. It is supposed to have nine volunteer members; four from St. Croix, four from St. Thomas and one on St. John,all confirmed by the Legislature, who serve two-year terms.
All members terms have expired, many in 2014. Three seats are empty.
John Woods, St. Thomas, chair
Aloy Wentworth, St. Croix, vice chair
Jose Penn, St. Croix, secretary
Fred Vialet, St. Thomas
Roberto Cintron, St. Croix
James Benton, St. Croix
V.I. Lottery Commission
32 VIC 244
Members: 7
Vacancies: 2
This board has authority to set the rules for how lotteries are operated, from the type of tickets to the manner of selecting winners. It has investigatory powers too.
Five members are volunteers, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature. They serve four year terms but may serve until replaced. Three serve ex officio.
The ex officio members are the Finance Commissioner, currently Valdamier Collens, and the Management and Budget Director, currently Nellon Bowry. Two members are supposed to be lottery sales agents.
Members are Sam Garnett, St. Croix, whose term expires in 2020, Vernon Finch, St. Thomas, whose term expires in 2016; and Lloyd Daley, St. Thomas, a lottery sales agent, term expired in 2014.  Two seats are reserved for lottery sales agents. One is filled, one is currently vacant.
Magens Bay Authority
32 VIC 53, 3 VIC 307
Members: 7
Vacancies: 0
Members are volunteers. They serve six years. There is no per diem in the law. The governor nominates and the Legislature confirms members. The governor is mandated to nominate three business people, one attorney, one UVI official, one government person and one retired person.
The Authority presently employs a staff of 20 persons. It is semi-autonomous, and  pays most of its own expenses.
Board member:
– Robert Moron, chair;
– Katina Coulianos, vice chair
– Dayle Barry, Treasurer
– Elliot McIver Davis, secretary,
– Terri Griffiths
– Barbara Petersen
– The V.I. governor, currently Gov. Kenneth Mapp serves ex officio.
Parole Board
5 VIC  4511
Members: 8
Vacancies: 2 (Terms expired)
The parole board votes on whether or not to grant parole to prison inmates who legally qualify. The V.I. attorney general, currently Claude Walker, serves ex officio and does not vote. The other seven members are appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature, with three members each for St. Thomas and St. Croix, and one for St. John. Terms are for two years. All terms have expired. Members serve until replaced.
Attorney General Claude Walker, non-voting ex officio
Chelsey Roebuck, St. Croix, chair,
Samuel Garnett, STJ
Dennis Howell, St. Croix
Rev. Bentley Thomas, St. Thomas (2013)
Curtis Williams, St. Croix
Parole Board Coordinator Darien  Wheatley
Parole Board Coordinator
V.1. Department ofJustice
34-3 8 Kronprindsens Gade
GERS Complex, Second Floor
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00802-5712
Tel: ( 340)774-5666 x124

V.I. Port Authority Governing Board

29 VIC 541

Members: 9

Vacancies: 3

Created in 1968, this board acts as a board of directors, reviewing and authorizing major actions by the V.I. Port Authority. VIPA is a semi-autonomous agency, structured as a government owned corporation, that maintains and overseas the territory’s air and seaports. The commissioners of Tourism and of Public Works, the attorney general and EDA chair serve ex officio. The ex officio members do not receive stipends for serving. The other five members are appointed by the governor with advice and consent of the Legislature. They serve three year terms and may NOT serve until replaced.


Chair: Laurel Hewitt-Sewer, private citizen, St. John Term: Sept. 23, 2015 – Sept. 23, 2018

Vice Chair: Yvonne Thraen, private citizen, St. Thomas. Term: Dec. 20, 2016-Dec. 20, 2019

Secretary, Claude E. Walker, Attorney General, Term: Ex-officio

José A. Penn, Economic Development Authority Board chair; Term: Ex-officio

Nelson Petty, Acting Public Works Commissioner, Term: Ex-officio

Beverly Nicholson-Doty, Tourism Commissioner, Term: Ex-officio

Marvin Forbes, private citizen, St. Croix. Term: Dec. 20, 2016-Dec. 20, 2019

Vacant: Private citizen, STT

Vacant: Private citizen, STX

Mailing Address:
Virgin Islands Port Authority
P. O. Box 301707
St. Thomas, VI 00803-1707
Tel: (340) 774-1629
Fax: (340) 774-0025
Physical Address:
Virgin Islands Port Authority
Administrative Building
8074 Lindberg Bay
St. Thomas, VI  00802-5922
St. Croix Main Office
Mailing Address:
Virgin Islands Port Authority
P. O. Box 1134
St. Croix, VI 00821
Tel: (340) 778-1012
Fax: (340) 778-1033   St. Croix Main Office
Physical Address:
Virgin Islands Port Authority
2nd Floor
Henry E. Rohlsen Airport Terminal
St. Croix, VI 00821
Public Employee Relations Board
Act 6010
24 VIC 364
Members: 5
This volunteer board can conduct hearings on complaints of prohibited practices by employers or by employee organizations and “take such actions with respect thereto as it deems necessary and proper,” including arrange arbitration, among other  responsibilities. It broadly overseas labor relations specifically with V.I. government employees and certifies the several unions representing various categories of employee.
The board must have at least two members from each district, with three members with experience in labor relations, in each of the three categories of public employee. Members serve 5 year terms, which appear to have expired. All members serve until a successor is appointed. Three members have terms that have expired.
Pierina Jacobs-Feldman Chairman (St. Thomas) 9/22/2015 – 9/22/2020
Frederick Joseph Representative of Labor (St. Croix) 7/31/2015 – 7/31/2020
Omar B. U. Henry Representative of Labor (St. Croix) 9/26/2000 – 9/25/2005
Rodney E. Moorehead Representative of Management (St. Croix) 12/17/2003 – 12/16/2008
Aubrey A. Lee Representative of Management (St. Thomas) 7/29/1999 – 7/28/2004
Division of Personnel-St. Croix
email: info@dopusvi.net
340-718-8588 (Phone)
340-773-5669 (Fax)
3009 Orange Grove Shopping Ctr
Suite 6, 7 & 8
Christiansted, Virgin Islands 00820
Division of Personnel-St.Thomas/St. John
email: info@dopusvi.net
340-774-8588 (Phone)
340-714-5040 (Fax)
3438 Kronprindsens Gade
3rd Floor GERS Bldg
St. Thomas, Virgin Islands 00802
V.I. Public Finance Authority
29 VIC 919
Acts 7002, 7004
Members: 7
Vacancies: 2
Four members are nominated by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature, with two per district. The governor, commissioner of Finance and director of the Office of Management and Budget serve ex officio. Statute specifies that members do not receive a stipend.
This board was created in 1988 to control, regulate and limit V.I. government borrowing authority. It has authority to sell bonds on behalf of the V.I. government, but it must have approval from the Legislature. It primarily ties bonds directly to federal excise tax revenues from locally produced rum.
According to the statute, the Legislature “declares that due to a general decline in investor acceptance of securities of the Government of the Virgin Islands, a need exists for the creation of a public corporation as a government instrumentality having full powers to borrow money … .”
The members are: Chair: Gov. Kenneth Mapp, Executive Director: Finance Commissioner Valdamier Collens, OMB Director Nellon Bowry; Secretary; Keith O’Neale Jr. (St. Croix)and Pablo O’Neil. (St. Croix) Two St. Thomas/St. John seats are vacant.
Physical Address
Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority
5033 Kongens Gade, Government Hill
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands 00802
Mailing Address
Post Office Box 430
Emancipation Garden Station
St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands 00804-0430
(340) 714-1635 Main Number
Physical Address
Virgin Islands Public Finance Authority
1000 King Street Suite No. 6
Christiansted, St. Croix VI 00820-4905
Mailing Address
Post Office Box 223245
Christiansted, St. Croix VI 00822-3245
(340) 778-8135 Main Number
Public Services Commission
3 VIC 273
Members: 9
Vacancies: 3
Seven members are nominated by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature, for three year terms – or until replaced. Two are selected by the senate president from sitting senators to serve as non-voting ex officio members for the duration of the biennially elected Legislature.
This body has rate setting authority for public utilities, including cable television, telephone service and the government-owned Water and Power Authority.
Commissioners are:
John Clendinen, St. Croix, chair, expires 05/17
Andrew Rutnick, STJ,  vice chair, expires 08/18
David Hughes, St. Croix, expires 03/2019
Raymond Williams, St. Croix, expires 03/19
Ex-officio: Sen. Justin Harrigan, St. Thomas
Ex-Officio: Sen. Nereida Rivera-O’Reilly, St. Croix
The PSC has three voting vacancies. It has a bare quorum of four members and needs all members present to act.
St Thomas Office: 776-1291/ 774-4971 (fax)
St Croix Office: 778-6010/ 778-0302 (fax)
St John Office: 776-1391
Board of Tax Review
3 VIC 180
33 VIC 87
Members: 7, appointed by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature.
Vacancies: 3
This volunteer board was created by statute in 1986 to hear and adjudicate taxpayer disputes of their real property tax assessment. Membership is divided among St. Thomas, St. Croix and St. John. In 1990 it was moved from Property and Procurement to the Department of Finance for budgetary purposes. Members serve two year terms or until replaced. The Finance commissioner serves ex officio as chair.
Chair: Finance Commissioner Valdamier Collens
Jim Crites, St. Thomas
Esther Smith, St. John
Eric Baines, St. Croix
Office of the Tax Assessor
St. Croix No. 1131 King Street Christiansted, V.I. 00820 Phone (340) 773-6459 Fax (340) 773-4052 Lagoon Street Complex, Bldg 1 Frederiksted, V.I. 00840 Phone (340) 772-3115 Fax (340) 772-9325 St. Thomas No. 18 Kongens Gade St. Thomas, V.I. 00802 Phone (340) 776-8505 Fax (340) 774-1270 St. John Administrator’s Complex St. John, V.I. 00831 Phone (340) 776-6737 Fax (340) 693-9916
University of the Virgin Islands Board of Trustees
17 VIC 455
Members: 17
Vacancies: 4
The UVI Board of Trustees oversees the major hiring and spending decisions of UVI.  The chair of the Board of Education, (currently Mary Moorhead), Education Commissioner (currently Sharon Ann McCollum) and UVI president (currently David Hall) serve ex officio. The governor nominates and the Legislature confirms nine members for five year terms or until replaced. Five of those nine must be V.I. residents. The board selects two more members. The teaching faculty, alumni and students each have a representative on the board.
Gov. Kenneth Mapp- honorary chair
Henry Smock, chair, St. Thomas
Alexander Moorhead, vice chair St. Croix (elected by the board)
UVI President David Hall, St. Thomas
Education Commissioner Sharon McCollum, St. Thomas, ex officio
Board of Education Chair Mary Moorhead, St. Croix, ex officio
Richard Hall, Faculty Representative 2015-2016, St. Thomas
Devon Williams, Student Representative 2015-2016, St. Thomas;
Jacqueline Sprauve, Alumni Association Representative, St. Thomas
Oran Bowry, St. Croix
Jennifer Nugent-Hill, St. Croix,
Yvonne E. L. Thraen, St. Thomas,
Wesley Williams, St. Thomas,
Office of the Board of Trustees
Administration and Conference Center
3rd Floor Room 323
340-693-1008 (phone)
340-693-1014 (fax)
University of the Virgin Islands Research and Technology Park Board of Directors
17 VIC 485
17 V.I.C. § 485 (2014)
Members: 7
Vacancies: 2
Three members are selected by the governor and serve during his term in office. The other four serve ex officio. Aug. 6: Awaiting information on the governor’s appointees. All three appear to be vacant. The receptionist at the RTPark referred to the website and the four ex-officio members. Asked about the other members, she said she would check. No word since.
This is a government agency, set up as a V.I. government-owned corporation answerable to a seven-member board of directors. It gives near-total tax forgiveness to “tech” companies as an incentive for them to set up shop in the U.S. Virgin Islands. It has also granted tax forgiveness to all of the largest pre-existing internet providers in the territory. In exchange for 90 percent tax exemptions, companies are supposed to fund programs and scholarships at UVI.
RTPark’s Board is charged with responsibility for the overall management of RTPark and has the exclusive right, subject to the Governor’s final approval, to negotiate with all prospective client/tenants as to the terms of their agreements with the RTPark.  The Board is comprised of seven members, including ex officio the Chairman of the UVI Board of Trustees and the President of UVI, two directors appointed by the UVI Board of Trustees from among their members, and three directors appointed by the Governor.  The Chairman of the Board is elected by the Board and serves for two years.  The Executive Director, appointed by the Board, is responsible for the general management and administration of RTPark as well as other duties as may be delegated by the Board.
The RTPark Board of Directors is currently chaired by Edward Thomas. Other members include: vice chair Adrian Gardner, UVI President David Hall, UVI Board Chair Henry Smock and Shirley Lake-King. There are two vacant positions on the Board.
University of the Virgin Islands Albert A. Sheen Campus
64 West Center, Palm Drive, Kingshill, St. Croix
Telephone:  (340) 692-4300
Mailing Address
University of the Virgin Islands RTPark
RR1 PO Box 10000
Kingshill, VI 00851
West Indian Company Governing Board
Acts 8926, 6224
Members: 9
Vacancies: 1
This body was set up as a corporation by the Danish Crown more than a century ago. It was sold to the V.I. Government in 1993. It is run by a board of directors selected internally. Terms are for three years.
The West Indian Company operates and maintains the territory’s largest cruise ship port, the WICO dock, and also manages the adjacent Havensight Mall, which is owned by the Government Employee Retirement System. The West Indian Company is owned by the Public Finance Authority.
Randolph Knight               Chair
Joyce Dore Griffin             Vice-Chair
Edward Thomas                 Secretary
Michael Watson                 Chairman of the Finance Committee
Beverly Nicholson-Doty    Member
Ricardo Lettsome                Member
Mike Daswani                                Member
Roberto Cintron                  Member
The West Indian Company Limited
P.O. Box 7660
Charlotte Amalie
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00801
Physical Address
The West Indian Company Limited
9020 Havensight Mall / Long Bay
St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands 00802-0404
Telephone No.            (340) 774-1780
Waste Management Authority Governing Board
29 VIC 497
Members: 7
Vacancies: 1
This volunteer board was created in 2004 when the Legislature tried to address sewer and landfill issues by moving those responsibilities out of Public Works and creating the Waste Management Authority as an independent agency with a citizen volunteer governing board.
The Public Works commissioner serves ex officio and two other members are selected by the governor from among government officials. They serve at the pleasure of the governor, or if classified employees, for three years.
Four members are nominated by the governor and confirmed by the Legislature. They serve three year terms. The statute does not provide for members to serve until replaced. One member’s term has expired. Another seat is empty.
Board members:
Chair, Norbert Rosado, private, retired, St. Croix, (11/13-11/16)
Vice Chair, Harith Wickrema, Private, President, Island Green Living Ass., St. Thomas (01/16-01/19)
St. Croix, Public Works Commissioner Gustav James
DPNR Environmental Specialist LaToya Williams, St. Croix (01/16-01/19)
Fire Service Director Clifford Joseph, St. Thomas
LaVerne Ragster, private, retired, St. Thomas (08/12-08/15)
KYSHA WALLACE – Acting Communications Manager
kwallace@viwma.org | Office: 340-715-9145Call: 340-715-9145 | Fax: 340-777-3284Call: 340-715-9169
PHYSICAL: 1A&B Demarara | MAILING: 3200 Demarara, Charlotte Amalie, Virgin Islands 00802
CHARMIN L. SPRINGER – Environmental Educator – St. Croix
cspringer@viwma.org | Office: 340-712-4961Call: 340-712-4961 | Fax: 340-719-1835Call: 340-719-1835
#941-946 Estate William’s Delight, Frederiksted, U.S.V.I. 00840
Water and Power Authority Governing Board
30 VIC 103
Members: 9
No vacancies.
This volunteer board has oversight over the government-owned semi-autonomous entity operating the territory’s electric grid and public water supply.  It has direct oversight over the public utility, approving all large contracts and decisions by the utility and selecting its executive director.
The Authority is governed by a nine member board of public and private sector members. The Governor of the Virgin Islands selects the three public sector members of the Board from his Cabinet. Presently they are the director of the Bureau of Internal Revenue, currently Marvin Pickering, Licensing and Consumer Affairs Commissioner Devin Carrington and Public Works Commissioner,  Gustav James.
The six private sector board members are nominated by the Governor and confirmed by the V.I. Legislature for three year terms. Private sector members come from each district.

The St. Thomas/St. John/Water Island district private sector members are: Juanita R. Young, Secretary and Chair of the Finance and Audit Committee, Cheryl Boynes-Jackson, and Hubert Turnbull.

The St. Croix district private sector members are: Elizabeth Armstrong, Chairperson, Noel Loftus, Vice Chairperson, and Gerald Groner, Esq.

Website: www.viwapa.vi
St. Croix District
P.O. Box 5997
Christiansted, St. Croix
U.S. Virgin Islands 00823
(340) 773-2250
St. Thomas-St. John, Water Island District
P.O. Box 1450
Charlotte Amalie, St. Thomas
U.S. Virgin Islands 00804-1450
(340) 774-3552–St. Thomas, Water Island
(340) 776-6446–St. John
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