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Friday, June 9, 2023


Friday Will Be Mostly Sunny, 89°F

Updated 6/9/23 at 12:00 a.m. AST VI SOURCE WEATHER UPDATES 6/3/23: A NEW Weekly Weather Update Video is available! Click here! Series: "Extreme Weather in the Caribbean" Part 1: Caribbean Earthquakes and Tsunamis Part 2: Caribbean Volcanoes Part 3: Rip Currents Part 4: Hurricanes Part 5: Wildfires FRIDAY'S FORECAST ! EXCESSIVE HEAT WATCH IN...

Lessons From Dominica: Creating a Path Toward Becoming a Climate Change-Resilient Nation

After Hurricane Maria unleashed devastation across the Caribbean in 2017, the island of Dominica which suffered US$1.3 billion in damage announced plans to become the “world’s first climate-resilient nation.” The initiative was created with the hope that the island will rebuild stronger and be more prepared for future natural disasters exacerbated by climate change.

Colorado State University Predicts 13 Named Tropical Cyclones This Year

An update from the Colorado State University (CSU) released on April 13 calls for a below-average 2023 Atlantic hurricane season. Members of the Tropical Meteorology Project at the university are predicting a total of 13 named storms this year, with two falling into the category of a “major hurricane.” (A major hurricane is a cyclone with maximum sustained winds of 111 mph or higher.)

The Arrival of Saharan Dust and El Niño: Potential 2023 Hurricane Season Impacts

The 2023 Atlantic Hurricane Season will officially begin on June 1, and a couple of weather events could affect the number of cyclones in the Atlantic Ocean and Caribbean Sea this year: “Saharan dust” and “El Niño.”

Extreme Weather in the Caribbean Part 5: Wildfires

The Caribbean Region is prone to extreme weather events, such as strong hurricanes, earthquakes, and destructive volcanic eruptions. Other dangerous weather phenomena that may occur in the area are wildfires, especially during periods of drought and when the atmosphere is extremely dry.

Climate Analytics: A Helpful Resource About Climate Change in the Caribbean

Caribbean islands are vulnerable to the effects of climate change, and specific effects are already being felt across the region. Understanding how Caribbean islands will be affected in the future is necessary to be as prepared as possible.


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