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Answer Desk: What is the Story of Fort Louise Augusta on St. Croix?

Professor Olasee Davis answers a reader's question about the history of Fort Louise Augusta that was erected as early as 1647 at the east entrance of Christiansted Harbor on St. Croix.

Pandemic Answer Desk: Are All Airline Passengers Being Screened?

A Source reader wants to know if all airline passengers are being screened for COVID-19 upon entering the territory.

Answer Desk: Mask Guidelines Still in Place on June 1

Readers have recently asked if requirements for wearing masks in public are still in place once the territory reopens to visitors on June 1. The answer, according to statements made by public officials, is yes.

Answer Desk: No Word Yet on Ferry Between St. Croix and St. Thomas

We’re sorry, but we don’t have an answer to the most recent inquiry about ferry service between St. Croix and St. Thomas, as Bob and Jack queried the Source's Answer Desk.

Answer Desk: St. Croix-St. Thomas Ferry Could Begin Service in a Few Weeks

Ferry service between St. Croix and St. Thomas could begin shortly, according to the vessel's owner, who said a checklist from the Coast Guard hopefully will be completed in “a few more weeks.”

V.I. Answer Desk: What’s the Difference Between an Act and the V.I. Code?

A reader named Karen wrote to ask about the difference between a law and an act of the Legislature, after reading an article citing an act. The Answer Desk explains the V.I. Code.

V.I. Answer Desk: Tax Filing For Pensioners From V.I. Who Live Stateside

Retired V.I. employee who now lives stateside asks how to jump through the hoops for filing tax return on on pension.

V.I. Answer Desk: Why is the V.I. Government About to Have a One-Week Paid Holiday?

A reader asked if the V.I. government was shutting down, with pay, for an entire week. "Most government offices are closed in observation of Holy Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday." Tuesday is Transfer Day.


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