Francois Marcellin Dies

Francois Marcellin

Francois Marcellin, better known as “Bance” or “Sonny Boy,” formerly of Ti Rocher Micoud and a longtime resident of Freedom City, Frederiksted, St. Croix, died on Oct. 25.

He was predeceased by his mother, Lillian “Lowillya” Marcellin (deceased); father, Gilbert “Hubert” McTieus; mother-in-law, Josephine “Maffin” Randolph; son, Earnest Marcellin; daughter, Priscilla Marcellin; sisters: Gilda Marcellin, Christine (Lera) Marcellin-Gifford, Agatha “Lita” Marcellin and SaSa; brothers: Joseph (Gilson) Marcellin, Edmund “Emostrous” Marcellin, Leroy Randolph, George Peter “Gal” or “Boots” Randolph, Joseph “Clive” Alexander, Marius “Lendew” Joseph and Andersen “Acoway” Octave; sister-in-law, Hortensia “Lenora” Randolph; and brother-in-law, Ignatius Emmanuel.

He is survived by his spouse, Marie “Elmona” Marcellin; sons: Peter Marcellin, Irvin Marcellin and Gabriel Noel; daughters: Joan Marcellin Jean-Baptiste, Verline Marcellin-Constable, Sylvia Amorsingh-Willie and Valerie Alcee; sisters: Agnita Marcellin-Randolph, Madeline “Easy Wah” Alexander, Marcelline “Ulla” Alexander, Shirley Alexander, Veronique “Ilene” Joseph, Patricia “ Fee Fee” Wilton, Petrona “Ulifar” St. Clair, Virginia “Velisha” Jean-Pierre, Cynthia “Blanc” Poleon, May Lina Randolph and Agatha “Durifar” Charles; and brothers: George “Ranny” Marcellin, Michael “Bat” Marcellin, Joseph “Jerry” Randolph, Victor “Toy” Randolph, Oliver “Olva” Alexander, Antoine “Hicks” Willie, Edgar Wilton, Andrew “Nyshos” Wilton, Gregory “Kabok” Wilton , Hector “Warnie” Wilton, Bernard “Cammy” Wilton and Deh Dess Octave.

He is also survived by grandchildren: Ernestina Heather Ashe-Peter, Daryl Earnest Jean-Baptiste, Jalen Jean-Baptiste, Kenyon Jean-Baptiste, Kaedon Earnest Constable, Kaylei Julia Constable, Melanie Noel, Lilliana “Lilly” Noel, Brandon Noel, Delbert Wille, Keisha Willie, Rochelle Steven-Alcee, Nekeshia Laura Alcee, and Nicole Alcee-Morris; sons-in-law: Dan Ambrose Jean-Baptiste, Kurvin Junie Constable and Vincent Papo Willie; and sisters-in-law: Bernadette “Madew” Nicholas, Cecilia “Daphne” Brazier, Marie “Gelifar” Matty, Paulina “Terilda” Willie, Magaret Wilton, Maria Randolph, Olive, Joyciana Joyci Marcellin, Mercedes “Tidoo” Saltibus and Marilyn Joseph.

Other survivors include brothers-in-law: Remy St. Clair, Hector “Nicholson” Monrose, Johnson “Zye” Jn Pierre, Pierre “Sweet Bread” Poleon and Ignatius Nicholas; daughters-in-law: Vilna Marcellin and Juliana Francis-Noel; great-grandchildren: Lanaya Kimora Kirby, Gervi Altidore, Milla Morris, J’Kai Willie and Caleb Willie; nephews, nieces and cousins too numerous to mention; friends: Remy St. Clair, Isidore Jules, Francis Abraham, John Fredrick, Robinson “Happy” Stanislaus, Sonny Moffat, Mr. Porsey, Dawn Bruce, Rosalia R. Sackey, Audrey Johnson, Michael Steven (Blanc), Shilling Amorsingh, Bertilia Nicholas, Linus Nicholas, Monica Andrew, Lincoln Duncan, Ms. Dorsha, Prisca Charles, Irvin Christina, Michael Flavius, Morrison Michaud, Anita Nibbs, Magdalene “Madda” Mitchel, Bulah , Deanne Bernard, Jeanette DeGannes, Ms. Ahsia, Delphina Randolph, Helena Constable and Fabian Constable, Hayd Constable and Cynthia Rigobert, Paulina Altidore and Romeo “Kareem” Collymore;

More survivors include other relatives: the Marcellin family of St. Croix, St. Lucia and abroad, the Willie family of St. Croix, St. Lucia and abroad, the Wilton family of St. Croix, St. Lucia and abroad, the Randolph family of St. Croix, St. Lucia and abroad, the Cyril family, the Joseph family, the Houry family, the Phillip family, the Biscette family from La Courville, the Louis family from Ti Rocher, the Marquis family from Blanchard, the Paul family from Blanchard and the Paul family from Ti Rocher.

A viewing will take place at 9 a.m. followed by a funeral service at 10 a.m., Friday, Nov. 15, at St. Joseph Catholic Church. Interment will be at Kingshill Cemetery.

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