WAPA Crews Working on Water Service Disruption

V.I. Water and Power Authority’s crews continued working into Thursday night on the potable water lines near the Sunny Isle Shopping Center.

According to interim Executive Director Julio A. Rhymer Sr., as crews were wrapping up repairs Thursday afternoon on the final of two leaks discovered overnight Wednesday, another rupture occurred.

A WAPA statement released Thursday indicated that crews from the Water Division have deduced that these leaks, “identified as holes in the piping,” are “usually the cause of either manufactured defects or improper bedding from the original installation of the pipes.”

WAPA noted this piping system was installed 46 years ago.

The statement said the Contentment Pump Station will remain isolated and that water service interruption continues from Contentment to the Kingshill Storage Tank.

Estates Catherine’s Rest, Humbug, Pearl and Castle Coakley are affected by the water service interruption.

The authority apologized for the inconvenience caused by the interruption and assured the public that “crews will continue working to make the repairs as quickly as possible so that potable water service can be restored.”

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