Querrard Applauds Police and Community for Peaceful Holiday Weekend

Police Commissioner Rodney F. Querrard applauded everyone from the territory’s two police chiefs to citizens on the street for deterring crime during the three-day holiday weekend.

“St. Croix Police Chief James Parris and St. Thomas/St. John/Water Island Police Chief Darren Foy executed crime reduction strategies across the territory, which included maintaining increased police visibility at a number of high attendance events resulting in a relatively peaceful and enjoyable weekend,” the commissioner said Tuesday.

On St. Croix during the Presidents’ Day and Agricultural Fair weekend there were many public events requiring police presence, Querrard said, including two large music concerts, the fair itself and horse races. Several cruise ships were in port on St. Croix and St. Thomas. On all three islands residents and visitors enjoyed the beaches, bars, restaurants, nightclubs and private parties, and the weekend was relatively quiet except for a few isolated incidents, he said.

The key to a peaceful community is its residents, Querrard continued.

“Again I give the abundance of credit to the community. There are more people using mediation skills and preventing incidents before they happen. Members of the community are also calling 911 and Crime Stoppers to report suspicious activity. These factors go a long way to reduce crime," he said.

The commissioner asked the community to continue this positive trend.

“If there is a problem or potential problem you believe can escalate and someone could get hurt or worse, or if you know about a crime that is being planned or already took place, call 911 or a law enforcement officer you know, or call Crime Stoppers at 1800-222-8477. Be a part of the solution.”

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