An Election Ploy and a Hoax

Dear Source:

At the most recent Senate Finance Committee meeting, I witnessed a theatrical performance by senators who want the electorate of the VI to be duped into believing that they can make the LEAC charge disappear. The hearing was held to discuss the infamous bill called "The WAPA Consumer Rescue Act of 2008." It is definitely an act and the actors who supported it gave a great performance. Although several government officials and representatives from PSC, WAPA & Hovensa testified that the proposed act concocted by a minority senator is not practical; some senators, almost by an unanimous vote, decided to hold the act in committee for further consideration. Apparently, the senator who approved this decision expects to be re-elected.
It is said that no good deed goes unpunished. Imagine how cruel a trick to mislead the electorate by giving them false hope. The hearing should have been held on Halloween, since it involved a trick or treat. The primary sponsor of the bogus legislature, intended to protect all the WAPA consumers in the VI from the exorbitant WAPA's LEAC charge, is aware that the government lacks the cash needed to pay all the LEAC charges even for one month (The government owes WAPA money) ;yet, he is still attempting to trick the voters. The senator's treat would be to serve in the 28th Legislature & continue to reap the benefit of Ac 6905, which he voted for.
The committee meeting to mandate that our government pay the LEAC charge for every consumer, including the wealthy business owners, was orchestrated by a Democratic senator from St. Croix. In reality, it was a conning election ploy. The promise to get rid of the LEAC charge is a "hoax" and all the senatorial candidates making this promise are trying to mislead the public. Some candidates are also promising to negotiate with Hovensa to reduce the price it charges WAPA for fuel oil (Negotiating a contract is a function of the executive branch). It is only a comfort to a fool. The government is negligible in paying its own WAPA bills and even the WAPA representatives made it clear that the proposal is not feasible.
The proponents of the act would say that the sponsors of it have good intentions. Remember though, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Using fuel oil, as WAPA does, is literally & figuratively moving on the path to hell. Burning fuel oil and not using any alternative energy resource to generate electricity is "consuming" cash. Only about 2% of energy companies produce electricity this way because it is expensive and it depletes the limited supply of fossil fuel. Further, the cost of a barrel of oil will continue to fluctuate. In six months it may double. Is WAPA going to persist using a nonrenewable resource to produce electricity? Is Hovensa going to reduce the price of fuel oil?
The road to hell is indeed paved with good intentions. The LEAC charge remains a hot issue. The "God Samaritans" who want to rescue us from the LEAC charge do not dare reveal the astronomical cost to the VI taxpayers. The drafter of the act, our "Savior" did not do an analytical study of the cost; he does not want to scare us. He may be able to fool some of his constituents; however, the Crucian senator does not fool me nor the governor who called the act "a foolish proposal." On election day, I'll learn how clever this politician really is or how gullible the voters of St. Croix are.

Victor Peters
Christiansted, St. Croix

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