Cruise Ships Are Not the Root of the Problem

Dear Source:
I have long felt that St. Croix is unique with a cultural experience that many would enjoy. But this experience all depends on what is depicted in the local community, how we instruct our children and how we market ourselves abroad. It also depends on the direction that is selected for our island. Do we want to tap into the cruise experience and or do we want to focus on increasing the air traffic and or hotel occupation.
Yes, I concur with some of the points presented by Mr. Vrabcak, however the question is how can you explain the shortfalls you mentioned in the absence of the cruise ships. The island has issues with many of the following today such as; litter, inability to acquire goods and or materials readily available on other islands, consistent customer service, access to good jobs, etc. A cruise ship coming to St. Croix is not the root of the problem and its presence can be both good and bad but it is not where the focus should be placed.
As a people, we need to look to hold the Senators accountable for the improvements that they make or fail to make within the community. We need to hold them accountable for making financially sound decisions. We need to hold them accountable for implementing the necessary changes to capitalize on the untapped potential of St. Croix.
Enough is enough!
Belinda A. Jackson
St. Croix Native

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