Dear Source:
Apparently Pamela Richards is earning her keep. She has been extremely effective in the tourism numbers for St Croix. As Port Authority commissioner, she has all but eliminated air and sea traffic to this domestic disaster, destroying the livelihoods of many taxpayers. It seems that we will be saddled with this obstacle of a tourism commissioner for the rest of our lives. Why?
What eradication of tourism Ms. Richards has not yet been able to achieve through her negative comments, landing fee increases, and surly disposition, she is now accomplishing by letting Port Authority utility poles fall – quite possibly on arriving tourists.
The biggest feather in her cap that I have seen was a 'fruit punch' contest.
I think we ought to give her a few more government cars and some extra employees.
Speaking of government cars, what does the government license plate prefix 'LOT' stand for? Please don't say it stands for 'lottery.' This is but one of the numerous government vehicles logjamming out of Christiansted at 4:10 p.m. every day. One of the government cars seen parked at Sunny Isle. One of the publicly owned cars seen cruising through the rainforest on a Sunday afternoon. One of many seen parked at Southgate on a Tuesday night.
We should care at the ballot booth, since we are paying for all this extravagance and suffering the consequences.
Dory Tiblier
St. Croix

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