Promoters of a wildlife sanctuary for the outskirts of Cruz Bay took a step toward their goal Thursday night when they presented their proposal at a public hearing of the Coastal Zone Management Board.
Among the experts testifying for the proposal to declare three acres near Frank Bay a protected area was David Nellis of the VI Department of Fish and Wildlife.
"This is a small salt pond that has been favored by the residents of St. John for many years as sort of an urban wildlife sanctuary. It's small but is tremendously diverse in wildlife for its size," said Nellis.
He predicted the CZM board would base its consideration on similar sanctuaries already in existence on St. Thomas and St. Croix.
There were only two items on the agenda of the public hearing portion of the Thursday night hearing held at the Cruz Bay Legislature. The second matter focused on a proposed shopping center for Coral Bay.
Realtor John Ford asked the board to consider his application for development of a grocery store along Centerline Road near the Romeo Company Fire Service.
But board members began raising objections when representatives of the proposal began to waver on what sort of business would ultimately emerge.
After the meeting, CZM Director Janice Hodge said if Ford made an application for a grocery store he could expect the board to grant him use for the purpose he spelled out in his application.

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