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Op-ed: Common-Sense Community Banks Are Distinct from Silicon Valley Speculators

The CEO of Merchants Commercial Bank explains important differences between the big banks and the smaller community banks.

Op-Ed: Plaskett to Introduce Bills During 118th Congress

Delegate to Congress Stacey Plaskett reintroduces her legislative priorities for the 118th Congress to improve economic conditions in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Plaskett Issues Statement on GOP Subpoenas to DOJ, FBI and DOE

A ranking member of the House Select Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government, Stacey Plaskett on Sunday issued the following statement in response to subpoenas issued to the Department of Justice, the Department of Education and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

Op Ed: New Year’s Intentions (Not Resolutions)

It happens every year and I still don’t understand it. One minute I’m shouting Happy New Year and then next minute it’s February. This is why I don’t do traditional New Year’s resolutions. I set intentions.

Op-ed: Is a Constitution Really Necessary for the USVI?

Jelani Ritter comments on the Supreme Court’s refusal to review a petition concerning the right to vote for citizens of the USVI and the other American territories. He wonders if the Revised Organic Act will eventually lead to a constitution.

Op-Ed: Fostering a Culture of Collaboration in the USVI Agricultural Community

My fellow House Agriculture Committee members and I are presently conducting targeted engagement with the agriculture industry to receive their input for the creation of the forthcoming Farm Bill. This engagement included participating in a congressional delegation to Denmark to learn about the Danish approach to agriculture, sustainability, and public-private partnerships.

Op-Ed: VI Board of Education Is Committed to Safe School Campuses

“The members of the V.I. Board of Education stand in support of the V.I. Department of Education (VIDE), the families, teachers and students who demand safer and healthier school campuses territory-wide.”

Op-Ed: Five Years Later a Transformative VI Is Still Possible

Delegate to Congress Stacey E. Plaskett recaps the history of hurricanes Irma and Maria, their aftermath, the work that has been done to rebuild the USVI, and the work that still needs to be accomplished.

Op-Ed: Equal Rights for the LGBTQ Community in the USVI

David Silverman gives three reasons why the bill now being debated that will guarantee LGBTQ people equal rights under the law is needed in spite of a federal law that does so.

Reflections of an Evolving Elder: Politics Continues to Poison our People and Environment

As I watch the disaster spewing from St. Croix's refinery, I am haunted by the memories of my brushes with the poisoned water from Tutu Wells – formally known as Tutu Wellsfield, which eventually, but way too late, became a Superfund site.

Opinion: Refining Reality – What Really Happened Last Year

What’s that famous definition of insanity? Repeating the same failure over and over again with the expectation of different results. Around the Government House, earnest talk of rebooting the refinery echoes through the halls once again, promising to magically wave away everything that ails the Virgin Islands. Such wishful thinking...

Op-Ed: Six Myths About Immigration and Its Real Impact on the Economy

Many people feel that immigration is a problem in the United States. They think that immigrants are taking American jobs, overburdening the healthcare system and committing crimes. However, these claims are largely based on myths and stereotypes.

Op-Ed: USVI Survived Pandemic by Increasing Airlift; Now It Plans to Regain Cruise Dominance

The pandemic has had a devastating effect on the tourism industry at large and on the cruise business in particular. As a region largely dependent on the cruise business, the Caribbean took an incredible economic hit.

Op-Ed: The Consequences of Edibles on Our Children

Rodney F. Querrard, former police chief/ commissioner of the Virgin Islands Police Department, says that “edibles are an increasing threat, especially to our youth here in the U.S. Virgin Islands.”

Op-Ed: Sharks in the Water: The Need for Improved Geo-Diplomacy and Trade Policy in Caribbean

Congresswoman Plaskett introduced the Caribbean Trade Resolution (H.Res.1047) in the House of Representatives earlier this month. It will, if passed, be an important first step toward prioritizing trade and advancing real economic integration with the Caribbean.

Op-Ed: The Importance of Advocating for the Quality Education of Our Children

Jeanette Smith-Barry writes: “Each of us must examine the role we can play in advocating for improved quality of education.”

Opinion: The Emergent State of Our Territory’s Schools

The 34th Legislature’s Committee on Education and Workforce Development plans to hold an emergency hearing (after Carnival) on May 2 to discuss the infrastructure of our public schools. We should always regard the betterment of our children’s education as an emergency.

Commentary: The GERS Bond Boondoggle

Keeping the Government Employees' Retirement System from imminent bankruptcy was essential. But was the bond boondoggle contrived by the Bryan administration the only way to “Save GERS”? Absolutely not.

Op-Ed: The Power of Assertive Communication

Sandra C. Bradley says there is a power that women possess that is too often overlooked.

Op-Ed: The Virgin Islands Must Plan for the 6th Constitutional Convention

In preparation for a sixth constitutional convention, Verdel L. Petersen’s role is to educate the public on three major topics: constitutional development, political status and self-determination. They are intertwined, but in this letter, she focuses on constitutional development.


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