Foods, Arts and Crafts Fair Retrospective: A Look Back in Visuals

The sights, sounds, and aromas of the Foods, Arts, and Crafts Fair are a St. Croix Christmas Festival tradition. What fun it is to meet family and friends while sampling foods from multiple booths. The arts and crafts provide gift ideas from local artisans. Steel pans ring out with the sounds of the season and the island. Old and young dance with the joy of the holidays.

The Food Fair became a part of Carnival by about 1957. At first, it consisted of foods, locally grown fruits, vegetables, plants, and beverages. Arts and crafts were added later. During the late 80s, an honoree was chosen for the fair. Sometimes this is a single person and at other times a group. This has been an event for all ages to attend and enjoy. Please look closely and see who you might know. Does anyone see Willard John? And Jumbies?

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