V.I. Lottery Announces Extra Ordinary Drawing for June 19

April 24, 2008 – The Virgin Islands Lottery informs the public that there will be one drawing in the month of June. This drawing will be the first "extra ordinary" drawing of the year, with a grand prize of $500,000.
Other prizes are: 2nd prize – $75,000; 3rd prize – $50,000; 4th prize – $25,000; and 5th prize – $10,000, according to a press release from Acting Executive Director Lenyse Shomo.
During this drawing there will be many bonus prizes including:
Mini Home Makeover – $15,000
Walt Disney Vacation – $5,000
Fantasy Cruise – $5,000
Beauty Makeover – $5,000
Grocery Shopping Spree – $3,600
Big Screen TV 50'' – $2,500
Laptop – $1,000
All dealers are urged to get their tickets early in order to maximize their sales. The general public is also encouraged to buy tickets early.

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