Election System of the Virgin Islands

In accordance with Title 18 section 551 Virgin Islands Code, please be advised that the GENERAL ELECTION will be held on NOVEMBER 5, 2002. Polls will open at 7:00 A.M. and close at 7:00 P.M.
Polling Places are:
District of St. Croix
Florence A. Williams Library
D. Hamilton Jackson Terrace Community Center
Elena Christian Junior High School (Princesse)
Juanita Gardine Elementary School
St. Croix Central High School
Pearl B. Larsen Elementary School
John F. Kennedy Project Center
Lew Muckle Elementary School
Ricardo Richards Elementary School
Charles H. Emanuel Elementary School
Claude O. Markoe Elementary School
Alexander Henderson Elementary School
Eulalie Rivera Elementary School
St. Gerards Hall
Evelyn M. Williams Elementary School
District of St.Thomas-St. John
Oswald Harris Court Community Center
Charlotte Amalie High School
Winston Raymo Recreation Center
Leonard Dober Elementary School
Addelita Cancryn Junior High School
E. Benjamin Oliver Elementary School (A-E)
Joseph Gomez Elementary School (F-N)
Anna's Retreat Center (O-Z)
Ivanna Eudora Kean High School
Joseph Sibilly Elementary School
Bertha C. Boschulte Middle School
Ulla F. Muller Elementary School
Michael J. Kirwan Elementary School
Julius E Sprauve School
Guy Benjamin Elementary School
Candidates to be on the OFFICIAL BALLOT are:
Governor and Lieutenant Governor
1. Charles W. Turnbull and Vargrave A. Richards (Democrat)
2. Alicia "Chucky" Hansen and Thomas E. Donoghue (Independent)
3. Hernando Ike Williams and Jonathan Marius (Independent)
4. Lloyd L. Williams and Kelvin Gonzalez Sr. (Independent)
5. Dr. Cora Christian and Atty. George Hodge Jr. (Independent)
6. John de Jongh and Paul J. Arnold Sr. (Independent)
7. Gerard Luz James II and Attorney Maryleen Thomas (Independent)
8. Michael A. Bornn and Arnold M. Golden (Republican)
Senator At-Large
9. Wilma Marsh Monsanto (Republican )
10. Craig W. Barshinger (Democrat)
11. Almando "Rocky" Liburd ( ICM)
Senator, District of St. Croix
12. Reuben Fenton (Republican)
13. Steven Nisky (Independent )
14. Oneida Dione Granger (Independent)
15. Juan Figueroa-Serville (Democrat)
16. "Usie" Raymond Richards (ICM)
17. Atty. Ronald E. Russell (Democrat)
18. Ramon Benitez (Independent)
19. Luis A. Rodriquez (Independent)
20. Douglas E. Canton Jr. (Democrat)
21. Noel Loftus (Republican)
22. Nemmy Williams-Felix (Democrat)
23. Luther Felix Renee (Democrat)
24. Norman Jn Baptiste (Independent)
25. Robert Acosta (Republican)
26. David S. Jones (Democrat)
27. Emmett Hansen II (Independent)
28. Michael Thurland (Democrat)
29. Adelbert M. "Bert" Bryan (ICM)
30. Hope Gibson (Independent)
Senator, District St. Thomas-St. John
12. Riise E. Smith-Richards (Independent)
13. Ludrick Thomas (Independent)
14. Winthrop L. Maduro (Democrat)
15. Shawn-Michael Malone (Democrat)
16. Malik Sekou (Independent)
17. Roosevelt St. C. David (Democrat)
18. Kevin A. Rodriquez (Democrat)
19. Celestino A. White Sr. (Independent)
20. Nicholas "Nick" Friday (Independent)
21. Gilmore Estrill Sr. (Independent)
22. Alvin Williams (Independent)
23. Donald "Ducks" Cole (Independent)
24. Patricia Varlack (Independent)
25. Wayne "Factsman" Adams
26. Carlton "Ital" Dowe (Independent)
27. Lorraine L. Berry (Democrat)
28. Lawrence Larry Boschulte
29. Adlah Foncie Donastorg Jr (Independent)
30. Norma Pickard-Samuel (Independent)
31. Dwayne A. Benjamin (Independent)
32. Kevin R. Jennings (Republican)
33. Stephen "Smokey" Frett (Independent)
34. Louis P. Hill (Democrat)
Delegate – House of Representatives
1. Virdin C. Brown (ICM)
2. Garry A. Sprauve.(Independent)
3. Lilliana Belardo de O'Neal (Republican)
4. Donna M. Christensen (Democrat)
Board of Elections, District of St. Croix
1. Evelyn Messer James (Democrat)
2. Dodson K. James (Democrat)
3. David A. Benjamin (ICM)
4. Humberto O'Neal (Republican)
5. Rupert Ross Jr. (Democrat)
6. Raymond J. Williams (Independent)
Board of Elections, District of St. Thomas-St. John
1. Leon Alvin Powell (Republican)
2. Arturo Watlington Jr. (Democrat)
3. Thomas "Tom" Dunn (Democrat
4. George Blackhall (Republican)
Board of Elections, Resident of St. John
1. Donna F. Roberts (Independent)
2. Aubrey E. Bridgewater Jr. (Democrat)
Submitted by:
John Abramson Jr.
Supervisor of Elections

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