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Shooting Leaves One Man in Critical Condition

A man was critically injured Wednesday evening when gunshots were fired at the John F. Kennedy apartments, according to the…

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Dec 9, 2011 - 10:12

To clear up an issue in a VI Source article. The Cockayne family did not pay off witnesses with "several thousand Dollars'" as was stated in the VI Source.

They gave a promised reward to two individuals after the defendants were found guilty. The exact amount of the reward was $10,000.00 divided between two witnesses whose testimony never changed from the night of Jamie Cockayne's murder.

Another man fraudulently received a loan from the Cockayne family and then left the island and never paid the family back.

The source actually reported in their paper an award had been offered to anyone coming forward with information to help arrest and convict whoever was responsible.

It seems poor journalism at best. Bias at worst. It is, "stories," like these that give journalists a bad name.

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unfortunately neither person was completely honest-money is the root of all evil!