Board of Elections to Test Voting Machines on August 2

The St. Croix District Board of Elections will conduct testing of AutoMark and DS200, which will be used on Primary…

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Habitual Offender Sentenced to Life for Rape of Minor

 V.I. Superior Court Judge James Carroll III sentenced Alan Archibald, 44, this week, to life imprisonment for raping and impregnating a minor, the V.I. Department of Justice announced Friday.

2016-07-29 22:36:51
Man Shot and Killed in Estate Glynn

A man was shot and killed while sitting in his pickup truck in Estate Glynn, Thursday evening according to police. A 911 call came in around 8:14 p.m. and police were dispatched to Estate Glynn, by the Cockpit bar. Officers found a black male individual, later identified as 63-year old Ralph Skerrit, in the driver seat of his pick-up truck with multiple gunshots wounds to his upper body and several shell casings next to the truck. 

2016-07-29 13:51:37
Beach Advisory for July 25-29

DPNR performed water quality analysis at 18 out of 35 designated beaches throughout the territory during the week of July 25-29, 2016.
Please note: Beaches in the St. Thomas-St. John District were not sampled this week.

2016-07-29 13:10:08
Local news — St. Croix
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Wounded Officer Colvin Georges Dies In Florida Hospital

V.I. Police Officer Colvin Georges

V.I. Police Officer Colvin Georges
V.I. Police Officer Colvin Georges

, who was shot in the line of duty May 26, died early Saturday morning at a Miami hospital.

Georges and Officer Aaron Hodge both came under fire while approaching a suspect at the Contant Car Wash on St. Thomas, near where 22-year-old Jose Fuentes was gunned down the night before.

Police returned fire and one suspect, Gerald Jackson, was killed. Hodge was released from the Schneider Regional Medical Center a few days after the incident. Georges, gravely wounded, paralyzed from the neck down, was airlifted to Florida a few days after the shooting.

Georges joined the force after graduating from police academy in 2010, where he earned the exemplary service award and scored the highest physical fitness score for men. (See related links below)

Jackson had been arrested in April after being found with crack cocaine, powder cocaine and marijuana packaged for sale, and a handgun.

Community leaders and elected officials reacted with sadness and outrage to the news, while praising Georges for his selfless devotion to his community.

“It is an outrage that our officers who are doing their job, putting their lives on the line every day to protect us, could be shot down,” Delegate Donna Christensen said in a statement. “He did his job with distinction in his short tenure with VIPD and fought valiantly to overcome his devastating injuries. We are immensely proud of him for the character and bravery he has shown.”

Gov. John deJongh Jr offered heartfelt sympathies to Officer Georges’ parents.

“We will remember Officer Georges for his service to the community during his career with the VIPD and perhaps, more importantly, we will remember his fight to overcome the grave injuries he sustained in the gunfight against the criminal element,” DeJongh said in a statement. “We all share the grief of the loss of this public servant. ... Our community appreciates the efforts of these dedicated law enforcement professionals and public servants who take to the streets of the Virgin Islands each day to ensure the safety of our communities,” deJongh said.

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Deepest condolences to the family and colleagues of Officer Georges. Truly a sad day for the USVI.

My sincerest condolences to Officer George's family and friends.

Governor DeJongh *says* he appreciates the service of those of us who work in law enforcement, but once we have retired he seems to think it is okay to raise our health insurance premiums nearly 50%. How are we supposed to afford that on a fixed income? This is just wrong and would certainly seem to gainsay his professed appreciation of our service to the community.

If you truly appreciate us Governor, make it so we can afford the health care we need after serving in law enforcement for all those years!


My heart goes out to the family and fiends of Officer Colvin Georges. The VI, and the world, lost one of its finest. Rest in Peace.

Rodehard, while I agree with you regarding the need to show true support for our officers while in service and in retirement I think it's a shame that you selfishly chose this sad and somber moment to voice your opinion.


I was fairly sure someone would take issue with my doing so, and I understand your feelings. Nonetheless, after thinking about it, I decided to post my complaint here in the hope that some people would be made aware of this gross inequity and bring pressure on the Governor to change his plan. That way, at least some good might come from Officer Georges' tragic sacrifice in service to this Territory.

There are VIPD retirees who may have to make the choice between buying food and paying WAPA in order to keep their health insurance after this outrageous premium hike. I think they deserve better.

My sincerest condolences to the family of Officer Georges.

I never used to own a gun but now I carry two on my person at all times, one in my truck (pocket of the driver side door), and a shot gun under my bed. Since we now live in the Wild West I thought it best to look the part.

Now days when I get home I enter with my hand on a gun, ready to draw. I also do a full walkthrough of my house before I feel safe. Sad. The old days wasn't like this.