March 25, 2017 7:34 pm Last modified: 3:12 pm

National Park

DPNR Gives Guidelines for Salt River Bay Columbus Landing Site Campers During Easter

Campers are reminded that they must adhere to guidelines while camping on the Columbus Landing Site at Salt River Bay National Historical Park and Ecological Preserve during the Easter holiday.
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Project Promise, NPS Launch ‘Every Kid in a Park’ Program

Project Promise is continuing its partnership with the National Park Service to give local students the opportunity to visit and learn about Salt River Bay National Historical Park.
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NPS Begins Rehabilitation of Steeple Building

The National Park Service (NPS) has announced that the Steeple Building will be temporarily closed due to repairs.
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Sea Turtle Acoustic Tracking Program Continues This Week

The National Park Service (NPS) on St Croix is collaborating with Dr. Kristen Hart of the U.S. Geological Survey on a project that investigates sea turtle movements within Buck Island Reef National Monument to determine movement patterns, habitat use and other behaviors.
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