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Police & Courts

Nicholas Pleads Guilty to Possession with Intent to Distribute

Alva Nicholas, 57, pleaded guilty Tuesday in District Court on St. Thomas to one count of possession with intent to distribute marijuana, U.S. Attorney Ronald W. Sharpe announced.

St. Croix Woman Sentenced to 18 Months in Prison for Manufacture of Marijuana

District Court Chief Judge Wilma A. Lewis sentenced Gail Leung, 57, to 18 months in prison Friday for manufacture of marijuana, U.S. Attorney Ronald W. Sharpe announced Tuesday.

Two Arrested During Search

Officers executing a search warrant on a William’s Delight home Monday arrested two men and seized a weapon and more than 100 marijuana plants, the V.I. Police Department reported.

St. Croix Man Sentenced for Contraband, Firearm

District Court Chief Judge Wilma A. Lewis sentenced 23-year-old Jahseen Simmonds to 21 months in prison for possession of prison contraband and possession of a firearm while under indictment.

Homicides 2015

A chronological log of the homicides recorded in 2015, with cases broken down by island, as reported by the V.I. Police Department. The Source does not include suicides or vehicular homicides in its listing.

Man Caught in Shootout Crossfire

A man who agreed to give a ride to a wounded man ended up in the middle of a gunfight Tuesday night in the vicinity of Williams Delight, the V.I. Police Department reported.

Armed Robbers Take $20 From Barren Spot Business

An Estate Barren Spot business, Parris Tees and Novelties, was held up by armed gunmen Thursday, the V.I. Police Department reported.

Lewis Pleads Guilty to Firearm Charge

Michael A. Lewis, 36, of St. Thomas pleaded guilty Wednesday in District Court to possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, U.S. Attorney Ronald W. Sharpe announced.

Police Investigate Burglary at JFK Housing

Officers of the V.I. Police Department on Sunday investigated a report that a man had broken into his girlfriend’s apartment and, after an altercation, walked out with her cell phone.

Man Arrested on Firearm Charge

Police officers conducting a vehicle search in the vicinity of West Airport Road arrested Jamal Rivera, 29, of Estate Grove Place and charged him with unauthorized possession of a firearm.





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