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Mapp Announces 11 More Commission and Board Appointments

Gov. Kenneth Mapp announced almost a dozen new board and commission nominees and appointments Wednesday, filling empty and expired seats and putting his mark on the landscape of myriad V.I. volunteer government boards.

Elections Board Sets Rules and Procedures

The St. Croix Elections Board, under new leadership, took steps Wednesday to improve its efficiency and eliminate some of the bickering of the last few years.

Crime Stoppers on Campus

Crime Stoppers wishes to show that a proactive, not reactive, approach to a safer school environment is more cost-effective, financially and emotionally.

Senate Digs into Pension, Budget Crises

Despite recent increases in pension contributions of some of the more recently hired, the system will still collapse by 2022 without "a huge influx" of cash, GERS officials told the Senate Finance Committee.

Gov. Kenneth Mapp Hosts U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell

U.S. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and former Secretary of Labor Elaine Chao, his wife, visited with Gov. Kenneth Mapp and senior staff Sunday, according to Government House.

Flowers, Fruit, Food at 44th Agriculture and Food Fair

The 44th Agriculture and Food Fair of the U.S. Virgin Islands had something for everyone: food, friends, flowers, fruit and drink. And there were games, goats, fluffy chicks and fancy pigeons.

18-Year-Old’s Body Found in Estate Concordia

Police on St. Croix discovered Monday in Estate Concordia the body of a young man who had been shot to death, the V.I. Police Department reported.

@ Work: Thali Indian Grill

Folks on St. Croix can now experience and enjoy the flavors and colors of India in Estate Peter's Rest at Thali Indian Grill.

St. Thomas Takes Part in ‘One Billion Rising’

A small but stalwart group of dancers, drummers and voices turned out Saturday at Emancipation Garden as part of "One Billion Rising,” a worldwide mass plea to stop violence against women and girls.

Food and Ag Fair Opens with Tributes to Island’s Growers

The theme of Agrifest 2015 is 'Agriculture: The Heart of it All.' And at the heart of it are people like Livestock Farmer of the Year James “Jimmy” Nelthropp and Crop Farmer of the Year Samuel Tyson. The two and others were honored at the opening ceremony of the Fair Saturday.





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