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Morris R. Simpson Dies

Morris R. Simpson, also known as “Captain” or “Big Six,” died on Dec. 14. He was the former former captain of Renegade, a boat owned by Big Beard.

St. George Jerome Smith Dies

St. George Jerome Smith died on Dec. 10.

Esteban Cotto Davis Dies at 76

Esteban Cotto Davis, also known as "Tebin," of Estate Two Williams died at Gov. Juan F. Luis Medical Center. He was 76 years old.

Julie Monique Edney Dies at 45

The family of Julie Monique Edney, affectionately known as Nicky, announces her untimely death on Dec. 13. She was born on Dec. 14, 1969.

Nicolas Encarnacion Dies at 91

Nicolas Encarnacion, also known as "Colilla," of Estate Adventure Hill died on Tuesday, Dec. 15, at his residence. He was 91 years old.

Pastor Norton C. M. Burt Sr. Dies

Pastor Norton C. M. Burt Sr. died on Dec. 6. For over 20 years, he served as pastor of the Apostolic Faith Mission at Strawberry Hill, St. Croix.

Atala Maura Eugene Dies

Atala Maura Eugene died on Nov. 25.

Jensina Wilhelmina Matthews Dies at 90

Jensina Wilhelmina Matthews, also known as "Mama," of Marley Housing died on Dec. 6. She was 90 years old.

Talking About Control

When too much control is imposed, a relationship can be ruined. When too little is imposed, a job can be lost. With “just right” amounts of control, we’re in the flow of the Goldilocks Principle.

David B. Kaplan Dies

David B. Kaplan entered into eternal life on Dec. 10. He was born Jan. 27, 1955.





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