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Olive Elena Latimer DeChabert Dies in New York City

Olive Elena Latimer DeChabert, graciously and courageously, entered into eternal peace on Tuesday, Sept. 22, at the Mary Manning Walsh Hospice in New York City. She was 77 years old.

Ronald McDonald Govan Dies

Ronald McDonald Govan, also known as “Doc G” and “Slim,” died on Sept. 25.

Charles Rudolph Davis Dies at 81

Charles Rudolph Davis was born Oct. 13, 1933 and died Oct. 3, 2015.

Stella Elizabeth Byron-Isaac Dies

Stella Elizabeth Byron-Isaac was born March 23, 1923, to the late Olivia and Eddie Reid in Scarborough, Tobago.

Donald Farrelly Dies in Puerto Rico

Donald Farrelly, also known as Raashan, formally of estate Whim, died in Farjardo, P.R., on Sept. 15.

Azekah Jennings Dies in Connecticut

Azekah Jennings, who was born in the Virgin Islands, made a name for himself first as an assistant U.S. attorney, died Sunday in Connecticut after a short illness. He was 57.

Opinions Differ on Whether Sargassum Causes Health Issues

Although a BVI environmentalist warned recently that swallowing large doses of water where sargassum seaweed is present could be fatal, other experts don’t agree.

Yvonne Donawa Dies

Yvonne Donawa died on Oct. 3.

Anna Maria Lang Dies at 86

Anna Maria Fredericksen Lang, age 86, made her transition peacefully on Oct. 1 while surrounded by family and loved ones.

Philip Bay Shuman Dies at 77

Philip Bay Shuman died on Sept. 27 after a brief illness. He was 77. A smart, kind, curious and hardworking husband, father and friend, he and his wife, Marsha, have been residents of St. Croix since 1971.





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