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Wednesday, September 26, 2018
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La’Quan Ayinde O’zanie Hill Dies

La’Quan Ayinde O’zanie Hill died on July 6.

Rosendo Rivera Gomez Dies at 99

Rosendo “Papi” Rivera Gomez, age 99, died on Thursday, July 19, while surrounded by family at his home in Sion Farm, St. Croix.

Bienvenido Brignoni Dies at 82

Bienvenido Brignoni, 82, affectionately known as "Bien," died on July 14. He was born on March 22, 1936, in Christiansted, St. Croix

Kareem Nkenge Makiri Thomas Dies at 34

Kareem Nkenge Makiri Thomas died on June 26.

Carmelo Santiago Sr. Gonzalez Dies at 67

Carmelo Santiago Gonzalez Sr., also known as “Cachco Cranky,” of Arios Dias died on July 9.

Tahmal M. Brinkley Dies

Tahmal M. Brinkley died on June 30.

Ishmale Banista Henry Dies at 68

Ishmale Banista Henry, also known as ‘’Henry,” “Tussie” or “Fatboy,’’ of Buckley’s Village, Antigua, last resided on St. Croix.

Norris A. Lewis Dies at 73

Norris A. Lewis, also known as “Pretty Boy,” of Strawberry Hill died on June 27. He was born in Potters Village, Antigua.

Sylvia M. Hendrickson Dies at 72

Sylvia M. Hendrickson, also known as “Sylvie,” of Estate St. George’s died on Sunday, June 24.

Roy Adolphus Richards Dies at 83

Roy Adolphus Richards of Estate Royal Manor died on Saturday, June 30.





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