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Vilma Yvonne Janeth Murray-Urgent Dies at 61

Vilma Yvonne Janeth Murray-Urgent of Estate Sion Hill died on Dec. 1.

Amir Ibn Abdullah Abdus Saleem Dies at 36

Amir Ibn Abdullah Abdus Saleem, age 36, died on Oct. 20 in Las Vegas, Nev. Amir was a beloved Moko Jumbie and a disabled veteran.

Eustace Brenton Stardylon Shillingford Dies

Eustace Brenton Stardylon Shillingford, most affectionately known as “Righteous,” died on Dec. 8. He was born on Sept. 4,1992.

Peter Emmanuel Christian Dies at 93

Peter Emmanuel Christian, also known as “Pete,” of Estate La Grande Princesse died on Dec. 9.

Niels Robert Thurland Dies at 67

Niels Robert Thurland, also known as “Bobby,” of La Grande Princesse died on Dec. 15.

Mitchell T. Southwell Dies at 63

Mitchell T. Southwell, also known as “Nash,” of Estate Concordia, Frederiksted, died on Dec. 10.

Edna Deloris Caines Dies

Edna Deloris Caines died on Dec. 13.

Wilmouth Alford Hughes Sr. Dies at 82

On Monday, Dec. 10, Wilmouth Alford Hughes Sr., loving husband and father of five, passed away at the age of 82.

Wingrove Ira Nisbett Dies

Wingrove Ira Nisbett, better known as “Pastrano,” died on Dec. 4.

Lithia Cecelia Brady Dies at 75

Lithia Cecelia Brady died on Monday, Dec. 10.





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