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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Open forum

Juan F. Luis Hospital in pre-hurricane file photo. JFL was badly damaged by Hurricane Maria.

Open forum: JFL Is Committed to Rebuilding and Innovations in Healthcare

Gov. Juan F. Luis Hospital & Medical Center gives an update on the progress it is making on construction projects and on recruiting very qualified healthcare professionals and administrative personnel.

Open forum: Insights

Bob White presents an analysis of the economics of the U.S. Virgin Islands: past, present and future. He wonders where “generation now” will find work.

Open forum: January Is National Stalking Awareness Month

Debra Benjamin of the Women's Coalition of St. Croix says that victims of stalking and the justice system underestimate “its danger and urgency.”

A Christmas Tree Goes Dark

Mary L. Moorhead says that the recent theft of 300 Christmas tree lights from Buddhoe Park requires more police patrolling.

Open forum: CTEC Prepares Young Adults for High Paying Careers

The Career and Technical Education Center ceremony was a breath of fresh air and a complete contrast to the gruesome reality of high crime on St. Croix, writes Carmelo Rivera.

The Seniors’ Walking Games Have a Track Record

Ivan Butcher II gives a rundown of the recent Seniors' Walking Games held on St. Croix and shares his hopes for its future.

Open forum: It’s Time to Change How We Interact With Each Other

Verdel L. Petersen of St. Croix asks that the division between St. Croix and St. Thomas-St. John, which was evident during the recent runoff election, be faced. “We need to have an open dialogue about the perceived and actual disparities that exist.”
Gov. Kenneth Mapp

Open forum: Governor, Give Us a Good Last Meal

Bob White writes an open letter to Gov. Kenneth Mapp advising him on what he can still accomplish during his last month in office.

Open forum: In the Runoff Election, Consider Those Who Have No Choice

Rachel Pakenham asks that voters take into account the state of mental health care in the territory. “People continue to be in distress.”

Open forum: Attorney General’s Statement on His Injunction Filed to Stop Registration of Voters...

Attorney General Claude Earl Walker makes known his reasons for an action for declaratory and injunction relief in the Superior Court of the Virgin Islands regarding the registration of new voters for the run-off election.





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