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Tuesday, March 26, 2019
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Open forum

Inside Forces Are What Rule

Bob White shares some of the “little thoughts” he has written down in his journal.

To Save the Reefs, Deal With the Sewage

George Johansen warns that actually saving the reefs requires that governments in the BVI and USVI deal with the raw sewage problem.

The Bookworm: ‘Welcome to My Breakdown’

Whoever said that big girls don’t cry needs to know that that’s not true: as in the new book “Welcome to My Breakdown” by Benilde Little, sometimes crying is only the beginning.

He Makes the Case for Medical Marijuana

Dr. Manuel A. da Motta wants the public and the branches of Virgin Islands government to know the facts about marijuana, especially its medicinal uses.

The Legislature Needs to Act

Mary L. Moorhead thinks the Legislature should immediately take up their responsiblity of denying or consenting to Gov. Mapp’s nominations for commissioners.

A Business Owner Seeks Accountability

Pet Oasis owner Alfonso Garcia Jr. has been trying since last November to get certain permits to help expand his business, but the government agencies, departments and people he has had to deal with have made it nearly impossible.

Governor, Get It Done

Bob White asks Gov. Kenneth Mapp to complete a bike path that was begun 14 years ago.

He is Curious, Furious and Concerned

Bob White blames the older generation.

Churches, Do the Right Thing

Bob White urges the churches of the Virgin Islands to get their congregations involved in rescuing the Juan F. Luis Hospital and Medical Center. He says it is politically and morally wrong to do nothing to help it.

Revolution Is in the Air

Bob White puts forth an idea on how to give the power to change laws back to the people.





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