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Kevin Hart (Photo by Art Streiber)

The Bookworm: Kevin Hart Passes on Life Lessons in ‘I Can’t Make This Up’

Growing up, Kevin Hart observed and paid attention to life, and applied those lessons to his career. 'Always be your best,' he learned. 'Someone might be watching.'
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The Bookworm: ‘Once a Cop’ Tells Two Stories from Both Sides of the Law

Halfway through, Cory Pegues's tale of going from drug dealer to cop loses the rage that fuels the first act and becomes stumbles towards the finish.
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Local Author’s Book on Audre Lorde Nominated for Lambda Literary Award

Local author Dr. Gloria I. Joseph’s bio/anthology about Audre Lorde, New York state poet laureate, civil rights activist, Afro-Caribbean feminist and St. Croix resident until her death in 1992.
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The Bookworm: ‘My Daddy Rules the World’ is Family Fun

'My Daddy Rules the World' is a great book for kids to read to Dad, for Dad to read aloud, or for sharing with Grandpa, too.
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'Super Freak'

The Bookworm: Fans of Rick James Will Enjoy ‘Super Freak’

While any fan of the music o the '70s will enjoy 'Super Freak,' but the book's audience is primarily would be super fans of the superstar.
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The Bookworm: ‘Into the Water’ May Be the Most Unsettling Novel You’ll Read

Paula Hawkins's novel, “Into the Water,” takes its time to get into, but once it does it becomes the most unsettling book you're likely to read this spring. For the lover of novels, this one is a dream.
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ICMC Presents 13th Student Hall of Hope ‘Celebrate Life’ Art Exhibition and Fun Day

ICMC’s 13th Annual Student Hall of Hope “Celebrate Life” Art Exhibition and Fun Day is scheduled for Wednesday, May 17, at Reichhold Center for the Arts.
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The Bookworm: Backman’s ‘Beartown’ Can’t Be Beat

You don’t have to know hockey to enjoy this story; you might like it better if you don’t. You may even love it if you’re a fan of keeps-you-guessing novels of exquisite storytelling. If you’re a big Backman fan, you need this book because “Beartown” cannot be beat.
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Bookworm: ‘Wild Nights’ Casts an Eye on the History of Sleep

'Wild Nights' explains how biology and conditioning make us sleep as we do. Readers may find the subject so riveting they stay up all night turning pages.
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The Bookworm: Have You Heard the One About?

This is a great book for preteens, although it will touch a teen too. “Flying Lessons & Other Stories” is something you should be more than just hearing about.
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