St. Croix Business Owner Arrested on Gun Charges and Assault

A St. Croix business owner was arrested for assault on Wednesday, the V.I. Police Department reported.

The 911 Emergency Call Center received a call from a woman reporting that she was in an altercation with her child’s father, Jamaal Mingo, at his place of business, where he fired a single gunshot in the air, waved, and pointed a firearm at a family member, according to the police report.

Several witnesses were interviewed, and their statements all corroborated with the complainants’ statements, however, added that the Mingo was intoxicated and got in a verbal and then physical altercation with some women at the business. The witnesses also stated that Mingo ran into the establishment and returned with a firearm, discharged a shot in the air, and then approached the women and pointed the firearm in one of their faces, the police report stated.

A firearms registration check revealed that Mingo does not have a license to carry a
firearm, at which point search warrants were obtained, which resulted in the discovery of a firearm.

Mingo, 40, was arrested and charged with assault, unauthorized possession of a firearm during a crime of violence, unauthorized possession of ammunition, discharging or
aiming firearms and reckless endangerment. His bail was set at $100,000. He was also arrested and charged with unauthorized possession of a firearm after the firearm was discovered in a vehicle, and he claimed ownership. Bail was set at $50,000, the report stated.

He was unable to post bail and was remanded to the John Bell Correctional Facility pending his advice of rights hearing, police said.


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