Project Promise’s Caterpillars Fund Insurance Costs for Students

Layla O’Reilly beading bracelets.

Project Promise’s Caterpillar students have turned their Creative Expression beading project into a community service outreach. Officials from Project Promise announced this week that monies raised by the program’s students will be used to cover the cost of school insurance for more than 40 students in need at Lew Muckle Elementary School.

The monies are part of the proceeds raised by the Caterpillars who made beaded bracelets earlier this year during their Creative Expressions classes. They raised $1,600, and half of it went to this past summer’s Service Trip Across America, while the balance was used to cover the costs of students at Lew Muckle who have no insurance and are unable to pay for the insurance offered by the school.

“Every year, hundreds of students go without school insurance coverage and can’t go on field trips. We wanted to change that this year,” said Resa O’Reilly, Project Promise president.

Check presentation photo: Assistant Principal Willie, President of Project Promise Resa O’Reilly and Principal Albe.

The Caterpillars perform community service acts every month as one of the nine components of Project Promise’s program, and founder and president O’Reilly was excited to share the news of this latest outreach. “Our Community Service component is designed to teach students the importance of giving of themselves to help others, and this beading project is one of the latest examples of our Caterpillars selflessness,” said O’Reilly.

“Thanks to their efforts, 45 students are now able to go on field trips because they now have school insurance,” she said. A check for $810 was presented to school officials to cover the school insurance fees for these students.

The Creative Expressions class is another of the program’s components designed to engage students in the creative process and help build confidence and self-esteem through art. The Caterpillars take part in Creative Expressions every week.

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