NY Power Authority Meets with WAPA Leadership to Solve Recurring Service Interruptions

WAPA CEO Lawrence Kupfer testifies Thursday before the Senate Committee on Infrastructure and Housing. (Photo by Barry Leerdam for the V.I. Legislature)
WAPA CEO Lawrence Kupfer testifies before a Senate Committee.

On Wednesday evening, V.I. Water and Power Authority leadership met with representatives from the New York Power Authority to brief the technical experts on outages that have occurred on both St. Thomas and St. Croix in recent weeks.

“Working alongside WAPA operations personnel, the NYPA team will gather relevant technical and historical information in an effort to determine the root cause of the power disruptions and come up with both short and long-term plans to address the identified issues,” said Lawrence J. Kupfer, WAPA executive director.

Kupfer said an update is expected on an immediate corrective action plan and implementation process within the next few days. “I assure our customers that everyone at WAPA understands the frustrations that the repeated outages have caused. For all of us at WAPA, having one customer without electrical service is one customer too many.

“The men and women of the Authority are working each day to resolve these challenges and return WAPA to providing reliable electric service to our customers. We now have subject matter experts from NY Power Authority available to us to remedy these challenges. We will keep the public updated on the progress we are making,” he said.

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