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Attention Candidates: Our Readers Want to Hear From You

Voters fill in their ballots at the Gladys Abraham Elementary School Polling site inside UVI's Sports and Fitness Center.

As Virgin Islanders prepare to cast their votes in this November’s election, voters want and need information about what the candidates believe, stand for and will try to do if elected.

To try to put matters on an even playing field, the Source has sent a list of questions to every gubernatorial team and another set of questions to every senator whose campaign we could reach. (See Related Links) The questions cover an array of important issues facing the territory, from the budget crisis to the impending failure of the Government Employee Retirement System.

We want every candidate to have an opportunity to share their vision with our readers. But we have not heard from all of you yet. In some cases, our attempts to call and email may have been stymied by a wrong email address or phone number. Or maybe its been sitting in your spam folder, unnoticed. Whatever the reason, if you have not received our survey, please email us at visource@gmail.com and let us know how best to reach you.

The voters want to know more about you. You want to get your message to the voters. Let’s do this together.

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Thank you!

The V.I. Source Editorial Team