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Campaign Disclosure Reports Due on June 30

Supervisor Caroling F. Fawkes advises candidates and political Committees that Virgin Islands law dictates that June 30 is the deadline for campaign disclosure reports.

“The June 30, 2017, disclosure must be submitted to the Office of the Supervisor of Elections no later than July 18, 2017,” said Supervisor Fawkes. If a candidate has contributions of less than $500, there is no need to submit a report.

Furthermore, Fawkes has warned that, “failure to submit the campaign disclosure report by the deadline will result in candidates and political committees incurring fees. Also, in addition to incurring fees by failing to submit the report by the deadline, candidates who are delinquent in submitting their report(s) are subject to having their names published in the local newspapers as delinquent candidates/elected officials.”

The locations of the offices are:

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St. Croix District Office: Sunny Isle Annex, Unit 4 (adjacent to the Social Security Office).

St. Thomas-St. John Office: 9200 Lockhart Gardens (above Banco Popular)

Boards of Elections — St. Croix: 773-1021; St. Thomas: 774-3107; St John: 776-6535