Canceled SAT Tests in the USVI Back On for June

Students in the U.S. Virgin Islands may now take the SAT test in June, after the College Board reversed an earlier decision to cancel the test, according to Delegate Stacey Plaskett’s office.

The College Board is a nationwide association of educational institutions that oversees and carries out standardized college preparatory testing, including the SAT and the Advanced Placement Program.

Plaskett reached out to the College Board after their decision to cancel the test. It cited ongoing efforts to increase security and ensure integrity of SAT scores as the initial reason for cancelling June testing in a number of locations, including the Virgin Islands.

“I am pleased that the College Board has reversed its decision to cancel the June 2017 test. This cancellation would have unfairly burdened students and families in the U.S. Virgin Islands,” Plaskett said.

“The idea that our students would have to incur great expense by flying to another jurisdiction to take the exam is troubling and unacceptable. I am hopeful that this revised decision is indicative of a shared commitment to equitable treatment and equal opportunity for our students living in the territory,” she said.

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