Innovative Cable TV Announces Change to Channel Line-Up

Innovative Cable TV recently received notice that the CLOO Network will permanently discontinue delivery of its programming effective Feb. 1. CLOO, which airs on Channel 315, is one of the channels in the Variety Plus Pak on both Innovative Cable TV St. Croix and Innovative Cable TV St. Thomas-St. John.

Graciela Rivera, vice president of sales operations and cable TV, said, “Although CLOO is being discontinued, we are seeking potential replacement channels. We encourage our community to stay tuned for the launch dates of other highly requested additional channels on Innovative Cable TV.”

“In many cases, programmers determine that they will discontinue certain channels without much notice. We work diligently to adapt to the changes and use the opportunity to launch channels that our customers have requested that we add to our robust channel line-up,” said Rivera.

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