Governor Wishes All Happy Holidays and a Joyous Festival Season

Governor Kenneth Mapp wishes all Virgin Islanders a safe and festive season. “Together we must join as a community and remember the meaning of the season and the value of friends and family. Christmas is a time to share joy and happiness with those we love and give generously to those in need,” said the governor.

Gov. Mapp would like everyone to enjoy the holiday festivities, if you enjoy a libation, drink responsibly and remember to have a designated driver. “I’m encouraging everyone to create and share precious memories with your families and loved ones,” he said.

“Our community has faced many challenges, but with our combined hard work and resilience, we will continue to build a better Virgin Islands for all. As it is festival season on St. Croix, I encourage all Virgin Islanders to make your way to St. Croix for a day or two and enjoy the warmth and fun of the Crucian community. I wish all Virgin Islanders a merry Christmas and a happy, health filled and prosperous New Year,” he concluded.

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