Juanita Gardine Students March for a Drug Free Life

Juanita Gardine Elementary School students, joined by parents, faculty, staff and volunteers begin their Annual Red Ribbon Week Drug-Free March around the community on Thursday, Oct. 27.Over 400 supporters, to include students, parents, faculty and staff, and volunteers at the Juanita Gardine Elementary School took to the streets shouting “YOLO – Be Drug-Free!” as they participated in the school’s Annual Red Ribbon Week March on Thursday, Oct. 27.

Led by the school’s drum corps, the Gardine School family marched west from the school in Christiansted passing the Golden Rock Shopping Center to the Almeric Christian District Court; then they turned back through the John F. Kennedy Housing Complex before returning to the school.

Principal Barbara McGregor was pleased with the success of the activity. “We have our students sign drug-free sheets as we encourage them to be drug free, and we marched to let the community know that we are teaching our children to live a drug-free life.”

Red Ribbon Week, observed this year Oct. 23-31, used the theme “YOLO. Be Drug Free.” Sixth graders Kristopher “Jeremiah” Oakes and Logan Brehm at the Claysburg-Kimmel Elementary School in PennsylvPrincipal Barbara McGregor leads the long Drug Free Marchania created the winning theme after hearing their teacher use the term “YOLO” in class to remind students that “you only live once” so they should make good decisions daily. Other Red Ribbon Week activities are planned at Gardine and other schools in the St. Croix district.

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