Early Voting for General Election to Be Held Oct. 22-31

Early Voting in the General Election 2016 is set to commence in both districts on Saturday, Oct. 22, and to end on Oct. 31. The voting will take place from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., according to the Joint Boards of Elections in concert with the Office of the Supervisor of Elections.

St. Croix Office: Sunny Isle Annex Unit 4, adjacent to the Social Security Office (773-1021)

St. Thomas Office: 9200 Lockhart Gardens, above Banco Popular (774-3107)

St. John Office: Market Place, Suite II (776-6535)

Supervisor of Elections Caroline F. Fawkes advises that “all first time voters must present identification when they come into vote. The tabulation of votes case during early voting will not be made prior to the polls on Election Day.” Fawkes also advises that the poliling sites are campaign free zones.

Web site: www.vivote.gov

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