Stop the NPS Before It Is Too Late

Dear Source: There is a wide spectrum of opinions regarding the plans of the National Park Service to build a laboratory and housing near the bioluminescent waters in Salt Bay. I won’t add to the environmental/destruction concerns that those more qualified than me have brought forth. I would just like to provide this perspective. If the government moves forward with this project it will be further evidence of the arrogance of those in power. Given the astronomical debt we have in this country, there should be no funds for this project and no, or very little, citizen support. And yet because the few, no longer accountable to the many, do what they want regardless, hearings and local government discussions and promises have all the markings of a show, a head fake to the citizenry. It is a sad day when the government of the people, by the people and for the people is no longer that, but rather a playground for the elites who think they know better than the masses. Or more cynically a financial payback to unknown Someone or someones. Another example that we are at the beginning of the end of our democracy. Please do not allow this to happen and stop the NPS before it is too late. Brian Quinn, St. Croix

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