STX Schools Will Reopen Tuesday After Water Outage

Water supply issues continue to affect several St. Croix schools, which closed Monday but are scheduled to reopen Tuesday, according to the Department of Education.

Central High, Elena Christian Jr. High and John H. Woodson Jr. High were dismissed early Monday due to a lack of running water. Classes are scheduled to resume as normal Tuesday, but students and employees are being asked to bring bottled drinking water with them, as WAPA crews continue to work to restore water to the schools.

Alternative sources are being identified to supply water to bathroom facilities, according to a statement from Education officials.

Water supply issues began March 2, with a series of water leaks in the Sunny Isles area. The V.I. Water and Power Authority finished repairing the pipes late in the evening of March 3. But water interruptions continued to some areas because after two days of repairs the level of water in the Kingshill Storage Tank was very low, according to a statement from WAPA. 

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