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Two Men Arrested, Firearms Seized after Funeral

Police on St. Croix arrested two men and confiscated two unlicensed firearms following a funeral service Wednesday.

The V.I. Police Department keeps an eye on funeral services at which the deceased was victim of murder by gunfire. Officers at a service at Kingshill Cemetery say two men behaving in what the police report called an unusual manner. As the services ended, the officers began to follow the men.

The two men began to quicken their pace and split up, police said.

One of the men, who’d been walking away quickly, was detained by officers, who found a 10 mm Glock with an obliterated serial number in his possession. As the second suspect began to run, police said, he was seen tucking a shiny object into the shrubbery. Officers eventually caught-up with the individual, made a check of the area and discovered a .38 caliber semiautomatic pistol that had been thrown into the shrubbery.

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The men, both 24 years old, were arrested and later identified Devante Pryce and Paul Roberts II. Both men were charged and arrested for possession of an unlicensed fire arm with bail set at $ 25,000.00 each. Unable to post bail, the men were turned-over to the Bureau of Corrections.