Ways to Keep Out of Debt

Dear Source:
It's been over a month since we've heard about "act 6905" and the "outrage", of at least a couple of Senators, to do something about this "illegal" act.
The recent article in this on line paper about GERS and it's difficulties, isn't a direct result of this act, but it wasn't helped by it either, it only created additional debt to it's bottom line.
The sooner we get this over with, the sooner our government can get on, with the myriad of other difficulties it has to tackle. Don't forget all the debt this government took on during past administrations and the fact that our budget has doubled in the last five years. Cudos to this Governor for not taking on additional debt.
If the government, in it's desire to pass this act, couldn't afford to do so at the time (which would make it illegal), then all monies given since it's inception should be returned. How can you pass something, you can't pay for? Where did the money come from? Where are you, Senators? Time to put it all out on the table, the country's in trouble and we're not going to get bailed out!
George Hollander
St. John

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