St. Croix Career and Technical Education Center to Hold Forum

The St. Croix Career and Technical Education Center, in conjunction with Pinnacle Services, will host its 2009 forum, "Career and Technical Education – Bridging the Divide Between Education and Careers," from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., Saturday, March 14. CTEC is in its 13th year and has conferred over 2,400 certificates to graduates in the areas of business education, mechanics, building, hospitality, textile trades, and health and related services.
"We are inviting students, parents, and other stakeholders in education to attend our forum and participate in discussions on developing a knowledgeable and skilled workforce that will lead to a strong and competitive economic base," Principal Willard John said. "We have been preparing students for the future by building their skills for the careers of today and tomorrow and helping them to reach their full earning potentials that are essential to strengthening the workforce."
The panel's agenda is to:
· develop partnerships, alliances and collaborations with stakeholders on the importance of career and technical education
· acquire strategies for change that will assist us with ideas and information as CTEC continues to evolve and meet the workforce need of business and industry
· forge an agreement with stakeholders to participate as change agents in order to promote career and technical education as an essential component of a learner's education
For more information, contact Alicia Farrelly at 778-2216, ext. 5904 or fax inquiries to 778-2873.

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