Supervisor of Elections Informs Political Parties and Independent Candidates

Oct. 11, 2008 – Pursuant to Title 18 Section 552: “ Each political party or political body which has nominated candidates in accordance with this title, and each nominated independent candidate, may appoint three watchers at any general election for each polling place in which the candidates of such party or body, or such independent candidate, are to be voted for. Such watchers shall serve without expense to the territory.
All watchers appointed under this section shall be qualified registered voters of the legislative district in which they are authorized to act.”
Be advised that all listings of poll watchers need to be in the Office of the Supervisor of Elections no later than Tuesday, Oct. 28, according to a press release from the Supervisor of Elections John Abramson Jr.
For additional information, contact the office at 773-1021 or 774-3107.

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