What Will Happen?

Dear Source:
I have a question for WAPA, the PSC, or anyone in the government. My mother's neighbor just got an electric bill for $700. Eighty percent of it was for the LEAC. She has a full time job and is working part time on the weekends. My question is…What happens when my mother gets a bill like that? My mother is retired and on a fix income. Currently her bill is $200 a month. She rearly has the lights on since she goes to bed at 8pm; the hot water heater is on a timer, and the fridge is plugged in. Just that and it is $200. I have heard people saying they are paying more.
What will happen when she and others just can't pay? WAPA will be cutting thier power, and then less funding coming in.
Just sad.
D.J. LaMetzger
Virgin Islands

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