WAPA and Gas Hike Domino Effects

Dear Source:

As a consumer I am not sure what else I can carry the burden of. WAPA electrical hikes reach beyond just our electric bills. Every business whose power increases also pass the burden in higher prices to the consumer. We are not just paying higher electrical bills, but higher bills for every product that has raised in prices because the electrical hike is forcing business to charge the consumer too.
Businesses only have two options when their profit margins narrows due to higher operation costs. They either pass it onto the consumer in higher product costs or they close down. Both are taking place throughout our islands. Did the PSC and WAPA even think of the domino effect throughout the entire business community that will reach the consumer too? We have already been paying for the domino effect from gas prices. Some businesses have raised their prices not just once or twice but up to five and six times over the past 2 years. High gas and oil means higher import shipping costs. The majority of products are imported into our islands. What is going to happen when consumers can't afford to continue carrying the burdens because the cost of living exceeds their means? There is only so much we can all bear because many of our payrolls are not rising to catch up with the rising costs.
Carol Berry
St. Thomas

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