A Vacancy Needs to Be Filled

Dear Source:

We applaud Governor deJongh's reaction to the recent hospital scandal by naming new hospital board members within days. These and other recent appointments illustrate the importance and function of a board of directors.
The Civil Rights Commission has had a vacancy for well over a year, which leaves its board unable to function, and lets civil rights violators go undeterred. This situation can lead to community discontent, unrest, and damage to our tourist based economy.
The Virgin Islands Unity Day Group, Inc was formed to take action to fight racism, social injustice, and community deterioration. We therefore ask the governor to please take prompt action, to appoint a board member to the Civil Rights Commission.
The fight for civil rights and justice is ongoing. The vacancy on the board prevents the Office of Civil Rights from functioning. The vacancy's longevity brings to mind the words of Dr. Martin Luther King " In the end, we will remember not the words of our enemies, but the silence of our friends."

Virgin Islands Unity
Day Group Inc.

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